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Pay recharging of electric cars with mobile

Accumulate and Sustainable Innovation shows how fast and easy it is to pay for the recharging of electric cars using your mobile phone.

Almedalen, Visby, Sweden – July 5, 2010. At this year’s Almedalen Week, Accumulate and Sust (Sustainable Innovation) showcases how quick and easy it is to pay for the recharging of electric cars. Via a highly secure mobile application the user simply upload the amount or desired amount of time for charging directly to the power pole. This is done in real-time communication between the mobile application and the power pole. The power poles are delivered by Fagerhult.

The mobile payment solution is part of the project Bilel with the aim of facilitating the introduction and use of rechargeable electric vehicles. The project is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency.

– For the recharging of vehicles we need a secure, easy and cheap alternative for payments instead of using cash and cards. The smartest and most cost effective way we’ve tested so far is Accumulate’s solution, where customers quickly and easily can pay with their mobile, says Robert Roos, project leader at Sustainable Innovation.

Vendor of the payment service is PayEx who has built its solution, PayEx Mobile, based on Accumulates mobile security platform for mobile payments and mobile security. Since June 2009 you can pay securely with your mobile phone at over 50 merchants in Visby and the surrounding area and at selected merchants in Stockholm and Uppsala. More merchants are added continuously.

– The power poles are communicating with our payment solutions in real-time. The concept is similar to how we handle purchases in vending machines and is ideal for mobile payments. In addition of reducing the need and handling of cash, it is much cheaper and more secure than for example SMS payments. With our mobile payment solution all payment situations are covered, point of sale, online, person-to-person, vending machines and now also for recharging, says Stefan Hultberg, CEO of Accumulate.

How it works

The customer starts his PayEx Mobile application on the mobile phone.
On the power pole there is an ID number that is entered along with the amount/charging time.
The transaction is displayed in the mobile and the customer accepts by pressing OK, done.
Information on transactions and balances are shown via a simple menu selection on the mobile. The mobile payment service works on all mobiles and with all operators subscription types.

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