Electric Vehicles

How to convert any car, truck, van, & SUV into an electric vehicle by yourself in your own garage using only a manual and cheap parts to eliminate gas

Electricity4Gas is the way to go if you are looking for a guaranteed system for converting your current car to an electric car.
The instruction manual is considerably cheap, and the parts needed will not cost you a TON OF MONEY!
The manual is user friendly and will give you step by step instructions for successfully converting your vehicle into the electric car of the future!
I believe that as gas prices continue to rise, more and more people will turn to do-it-yourself solutions for electric car conversions, and this manual will give them a way without breaking the bank, and then it’s GOODBYE GASOLINE!
With the purchase of the manual ($49.97), and parts that are needed for the conversion (less than $300, some are also free!) You are looking at spending under $400!
That amount is much more attractive than buying a brand new electric car, don’t you think!

As an added bonus you also get 6 free e-books included with your electric car conversion manual:

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