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MOT Preston Garage Helps Keep Your Vehicle Safe And Roadworthy

MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is compulsory in the UK to ensure that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. It is an offence to drive an unroadworthy vehicle. Those staying in Preston must avail the services of a well-known MOT garage that offers comprehensive repair and service to ensure that your vehicle passes the MOT test.

There are many MOT Preston garages that carry out class 4, 5 and 6 MOT tests and issue a certificate that testifies that your vehicle meets or exceeds the safety and environmental standards set by the law, at the time when it was tested. As a responsible citizen and owner of a vehicle, you should get your vehicle MOT tested before the expiry date of the certificate. A MOT garage helps you get an assurance that your vehicle fulfils the safety and emission aspects required by law.

MOT test in the UK now covers 150 checks, that include all the safety and emission related systems. Registration plates, vehicle structure, seats, seat belts, brakes, steering, windscreen, suspension, exhaust system, tyres, wheels, fuel system, door, horn, bonnet catch, vehicle identification number and lights are all checked thoroughly to ensure your safety. A reputable MOT Preston garage will do all the required checks and repairs.

Passing the MOT test does not mean that your vehicle will remain safe and roadworthy until the expiry date of the certificate. You cannot neglect your regular maintenance simply because you have the MOT certificate. Thus, you must get a regular vehicle inspection done by a MOT Preston garage.

A known MOT garage offers excellent servicing facilities for small cars and light commercial vehicles. They also offer repairing service, which helps to rectify the defects in your vehicle and bring it back to optimum roadworthy condition.

A MOT certificate is valid for one year. However, if your vehicle does not pass a test before the expiration date, it means that you are driving a vehicle that is not fit to be on the road that is serious offence. You need to get the defects rectified as soon as possible. For instance, if your car fails the MOT test due to problematic tyres, it means that you are driving an unfit vehicle until you change the tyres. You would be subjected to a fine of £2500 and three points, if caught. MOT Preston garages also do repairing works covering tyres, clutches, electrical repairs and wheel repairs. They will retest your vehicle and issue a certificate to the effect that it meets all the legal requirements.

Driving a car that has failed the MOT test leads you to face several problems. In addition to fines and points, it can make your car insurance invalid. Also, you will not be able to renew your road tax. Select a MOT Preston garage that lets you MOT test your vehicle at competitive rates. If you book for servicing and MOT test at the same time, you can get some discounts as well. If your car fails the test due to some defects, the garage will undertake the repairing work and retest your vehicle after rectifying the defects noticed.

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