Electric Vehicles

LED Emergency Light on vehicles and in buildings to keep us informed.

EMT teams, police, firefighters, buildings and even homes need LED emergency light somewhere. LED emergency and warning lights are seen all over but in the main it is on emergency vehicles we do see them.

You may think that LED light is a modern invention but you would be incorrect. They have become widely used recently, which is why most people think they have only been round a few years. In fact the LED light or Light Emitting Diode was invented in 1920’s Russia by Oleg Vladimirovich who was a radio technician. There is some controversy about who the actual inventor of the LED light is but most agree it is Mr. Vladimirovich. A LED light is a semi-conductor device that converts electricity to light by using the movement of electrons. That sounds very high tech for the 1920’s so Oleg must have been a clever man and we owe our modern LED emergency light units to him.

There are huge benefits to using LED not least ecologically. Led light uses very little power when it’s on which means the vehicle battery will not drain even if the light is left on for a long time. The LED emergency light units are incredibly bright with new generation LED’s being developed all of the time. The LED lights are nearly maintenance free and that alone can save police department’s significant amounts of money. The LED units are slightly more expensive than say a halogen version but the low running and maintenance cost far outweigh the initial extra expense.

Another reason LED emergency light units are popular is that LED lighting does not have any toxins or mercury in which some other light does. There is no ultra violet emission, which means they don’t attract bugs, and the LED bulbs don’t generate heat leaving the units safe to touch. The LED light doesn’t generate any kind of radio frequency so it doesn’t interfere with TV or radio broadcasts. Furthermore the LED light units are very resistant to shocks and vibration, so overall the LED emergency light units are the ideal thing for any emergency vehicle.

The main benefit of LED emergency light units is the high light output, and that is crucial in making emergency vehicles seen and therefore be safe. The range of colors and flash patterns is virtually endless which makes the lights very versatile for any emergency vehicle. The units come in many different varieties from the single strobe beacon to tiered light bars with take down lights, ally lights and traffic advisors for police cruiser vehicles. Each type of emergency vehicle needs different types of light and as such there is no standard LED emergency light unit.

Whatever kind of emergency vehicle and wherever the area of operation is there will be an LED emergency light unit to fit the bill. Rural emergency vehicles may have different requirement for their vehicle emergency lighting to that of a city vehicle. State to state will differ in their lighting requirements, but rest assured there are so many different types to choose from you will find what you need no matter how specific. Reliability, durability, ease of use and instantly visible as soon as switched on is what you will get from the modern day LED emergency light units.

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