Electric Vehicles

Hybrids and Electric Plug ins

With hybrid cars and its sales soaring across the international market, is another form of hybrid car technology known as Plug-in Electric Vehicles or PEHVS. Just like all other hybrids, Plug in Electric Vehicles aim to promote cost effectiveness, lesser contaminated emissions and lesser dependence for fuel consumption. The difference is that the Plug of hybrid aims to get higher percentage of results.

PEHVS or Plug in Electric Hybrids are still powered with both an on board engine and an electric or battery motor. Its batteries can be restored to a full charge by connecting its plug to an external electrical power source. Although, compared with conventional gasoline-electric hybrids, PHEVs have a much larger all-electric range. This gives an extended number of miles to the range of all electrical driving and has the ability to drive long distances like regular vehicles.

Now, Plug in Electric Hybrid Vehicles do not only help in fuel economy but is also eco friendly as it reduces pollution because it does not largely or fully depend on petroleum like many others. It may also help in minimizing greenhouse gas emissions that are said to contribute a crisis called global warming.

PHEVS are in between HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicle). HEVs are also fuel economy conscious but are still designed for petroleum fuels. BEVs on the other hand do not require any petroleum but are restricted by the battery technology. PEVS have a more electrical range for lesser emissions and fuel economy but still has the combustion engine as “backup” when batteries decrease fullness or gets all used up. PEVS are not designed for petroleum and at the same time do not raise anxieties on driving ranges and recharging time length. PEHVS are also chip tuning compatible either by ECU Diesel Remapping or a Tuning box. The Tuning Chip process makes it easy to enhance the cars performance with just the process of reprogramming the built in Non-diesel or diesel chip.

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