Electric Vehicles

How electric bicycle contribute to the greener tomorrow.

We have been living in a polluted atmosphere since ages. Most of the air is polluted due to the smoke blowing out of the emission tail pipe of the vehicles running on fuel. Smoke is a by-product of incomplete combustion. Incomplete combustion can significantly increase the quantity of certain toxic chemicals discharged by vehicles into the air. Such air is harmful to all living beings on this earth. The effects of the air pollution can be very serious. It damages plants by destroying their leaves which directly affects the rain as the trees and plants are the main resources of receiving rain. In each city the level of dangerous gas like carbon monoxide has reached the dangerous levels.

Plants convert carbon dioxide back to oxygen, but the release of carbon dioxide from human activities is higher than the world’s plants can process. Carbon dioxide is produced when fuels are burned. Thus, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is continuing to increase. The Greenhouse Effect, also referred to as global warming, is because of the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas which has mixed up with the atmosphere. It is because of this gas that the atmosphere of the earth is getting warm to such an extend that even the icebergs in Greenland have started dissolving.

Now it is the time to make our next generation live in a clean, fresh and green environment. The answer to the clean and green environment is to adopt such a mean of transportation which should not blow dangerous gas from its emission tail pipe. However, it is not possible to completely stop blowing the gas in case of vehicles running on fuel. The only option to the smoke free transportation is the electric bicycle. Battery powered electric bicycles provide zero-emission transportation all over the world. This vehicle has been replacing most of the two wheelers every where. In order to develop the new electric bicycles powered by battery, many companies have come up and started manufacturing electric bicycles in different models in many countries of the world.

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