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Tango Electric Car Review

There is a new electric car being displayed at the Detroit Car Show 2010. It is the Tango Electric Car made by a company out of Washington called “Commuter Cars”. While there seems to be a flood of new electric cars, this one is definitely different. It is a 2 seater car with the seats behind each other and not next to each other. Think Honda Goldwing Motorcycle size when thinking about the Tango.

The next surprising thing is the performance of this car. It comes with 2 electric engines and can go faster than 130 mp/h easily. At least that is what the manufacturer is telling about the Tango. This electric vehicle weighs in at about 1 ton and according to Rick Woodbury, the designer of the car, it has better road maneuvering than a regular sports car.

And since the Tango car is so small and thin, can you imagine how many of those you can fit into a standard 2-car garage? This car is approx. as long as my current pickup truck (Ford F-150) is wide. Christmas at the mall would be interesting because it should be easy to find a parking spot for this vehicle. However, I am not sure how you would transport any Christmas presents as this car does not have any real storage areas.

Do not get too excited, this car is hard to get. For one there is the big ticket price tag of roughly $150,000. And second it takes about 1 month to have one of those electric cars build. But if you manage to a) have enough money to buy one and b) the patience to wait for it to be build, at least then you would drive the same car as George Clooney. I guess ever since George Clooney was seen driving a Toyota Prius, he got a first shot at every other electric vehicle. Rumors have it that he also owns one of the few Tesla Roadster’s. The Tesla Roadster is a 100% electric sports car and one of the most visible projects in this field.

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