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Can You Add A Generator To An Electric Vehicle To Create Regeneration? – Free Energy Generation

We have been fooled into dependency on fossil fuels. Take the fuel motor out of a hybrid and replace it with an electric motor the vehicle becomes regenerative. Add a generator to an electric car or conversion kit. Add regenerative braking (already on some hybrids) and solar panels for optimum efficiency. Take the fuel motor off a home generation system and add an electric motor then you has regeneration without the use of fuels. Run power plants with electric drive systems. Yes it is that easy. Tesla knew this that is why some of his work is classified. This information is free to all.

If you take the gasoline engine out of a hybrid and replace it with an electric motor what is going to power the electric motor? Regenerative braking? I don’t think so. The question you should ask yourself is: What’s going to power these electric motors you talk about?

Remember all machines (motors are machines) have losses. They are not now nor will they ever be 100% efficient. Think of machines as a black box. (Energy out) = (Energy in) – (losses). The energy in may be in the form of steam and the energy out may be in the form of electricity but there will always be losses in the conversion process.

Free Energy Creation, Why Are So Many Power Stations Named After Edison, When He Hated Alternating Current?

Thomas Edison believed that all future power stations should use direct current, not alternating current. To demonstrate his point, he would electrocute people’s pets using AC to show how dangerous it was! He even electrocuted an Elephant! It was his rival, Nicola Tesla, who invented the modern AC generator and advocated alternating current. Why don’t we have ConTesla instead of ConEdison?

Money and politics: Because Edison owned the companies like GE and others. Tesla never got into the big business end.

Actually it was James Westinghouse that brought AC to the forefront of power transmission systems, Tesla only invented it! Edison despised Westinghouse only because Westinghouse thought up the solution first. But Edison designed the infrastructure of an electrical distribution system, perhaps that’s why!

And technically, Edison was right, as it related to power efficiency. Consider 95% of devices use DC power, AC is only useful as a transmission method over great distances, and considerable energy is lost through heat in transformer operations.

Using A Tesla Turbine – How Can I Produce 500-1000w + DC Power?

Producing a report for EWB (engineers without borders). I need to find a way to power this with a Tesla turbine engine. I know with relatively low RPM i can produce a fair amount of power though permanent mag motors. What I need to find out is Size and how much do I need to scale the engine/generator for the amount specified?

What will be your energy source to run this turbine? The Tesla turbine is very inefficient. Back when it was patented, we did not have the aerodynamics of turbines completely understood. Today, conventional turbines are 10 times as efficient as back when Tesla experimented with his turbine. Stick with conventional turbines.

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