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New demand of auto market hybrid cars or, HEV vehicles

patrol car now has become the matter of past age. Let’s welcome ‘hybrid car’ as a new age car. Such cars are powered on both gasoline and electricity. It feels good to see that premier online new and used car shop like autotropolis.com is also promoting these cars. Though, these are symbols of development in automobile segment but fuel price hikes and our degrading eco-system have also influenced automakers to develop such cars.

HEV or we can say ‘hybrid electric vehicle’ is powered with an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. So, the ultimate combination of gasoline and electricity substantially reduces our expenses on fuel and pollution and the most important thing is its need which is quite prevailing now-a-days. It has become symbol of economy and efficiency.

HEV introduced in 1990’s. But, sales did not pick up probably due to poor technology or may be limited availability and after sell services. Situation has been changed now and leading auto manufacturer viz. Honda, Toyota, BMW, Ford etc are determined to fill the market with such cars. They are even getting public support for this sort of mission. Now, in the auto market, two categories of HEV vehicles (parallel and the series hybrid cars) are available.

Parallel hybrid cars are those cars that can use both forms of energies either gasoline or electric or both. On the other hand, series hybrid cars are compatible with gasoline alone. The major function of electric motors in such cars is to regenerate energy. It also controls breaking system of the car and it accumulates and conserves energy whenever breaks are applied.

Usually, our cars burn fuel even if it is not moving. Only its ignition should be on and it will consume fuel. But, hybrid cars do not consume energy if they are not moving. Fuel mileage on highway with such cars remains up to 60 miles a gallon. But, in future, auto experts are claiming to make it approximately 190 miles per gallon. So, certainly future of HEV vehicles or hybrid cars is too bright. Probably first time a machine will change its identity and role in the respect of atmospheric and environmental condition.

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