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The Pros and Cons of Electric Golf Carts

The electric golf cart has gained global momentum as they have been recognized and glorified for their environmental friendly ways. However, there is a lot more to buying electric golf carts and making a sure choose between electric and gas powered. As environmentally friendly as electric golf carts are, they do not work for everyone. To help you decide if an electric golf cart is the right choice for you, we’ve compiled this list of pros and cons of electric golf carts.

Pro 1: Running Price
While they are more expensive to purchase, running an electric golf cart once you buy it is much cheaper than a gas powered one.

Con 1: Buying Price
Electric Golf carts are more expensive. While they’re great for the environment and always a great investment, people looking for a more affordable deal often purchase a gas cart simply because it’s what they can afford. However, a good thing about the newer electric carts is they come in many more shapes, colors and styles than the older gas powered ones do.

Pro 2: Environmentally Friendly
Buying an electric golf cart is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint. You can use it on the golf course, in your neighborhood, or just down the street to run to the store and never use a drop of gas.

Con 2: Time Consuming
The biggest con of an electric golf cart is the long and annoying re-charge process. Charging it overnight is easy enough, but if you use a lot of your power in a morning outing and want to go out again that afternoon then you will have to wait until you have enough power.

Pro 3: Quiet
The engines on electric golf carts are much quieter and softer than that of a gas powered one. They also drive much more smoothly, and repairs tend to be much cleaner to do than gas powered. The parts are probably newer and better mad, however, the parts are also often more pricey.

Con 3: Terrain
When going downhill, a gas powered golf cart fares much better than n electric one. This happens with a lot of electric vehicles because they lack the same compression that a gas vehicle does. The same goes for any rough terrain; while an electric cart will be a smoother ride, it may be a slower one as well.

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