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4 Important Electric Car Facts You Need to Know

There are 4 important electric car facts that you need to know before buying your own. This helps you decide which of the electric vehicle suits your needs. These things are written below.

The Type of Car
The first thing you should know about the vehicles are their types. There are two types of electric car available in the market right now. These are the cars with a gasoline engine that automatically activates when the car’s batteries are drained and those that has no gasoline engines at all. An example of an electric car with no gasoline engine is the Nissan leaf while the Chevrolet Volt on the other hand has one.

The Capabilities of each Type
You should also know the individual capability of each type if you are a new car finder. For example, the Chevrolet Volt can travel 40 miles depending on electricity alone. The battery charge is consumed and drained upon reaching this distance. The gasoline engine is then activated to recharge the battery and provide the car with power. The Nissan leaf on the other hand can travel 100 miles on a single charge. The car then needs to be recharged. These makes the two models confined on short distance travels

The Availability of Recharging Outlets
The third electric car fact you should bear in mind is the availability of outlet for recharging. This is important since the limits of the car’s power poses a constraint in travelling. This situation is true when you use a car without a gasoline engine. Once the batteries are drained there would then be the need to look for outlet. In addition to this, the car needs to be recharged using 220 volts for faster charging and these outlets are not always available.

Consider the Relationship between the Price of the Vehicle and Fuel Savings
The fourth essential fact you need to know about these electric vehicles is the relationship between the purchasing cost and the long term savings earned from not using fuel. This should be carefully considered since electric cars are very expensive. You should calculate whether it is rational to buy one. Besides the issue on price, maintenance of the vehicle such as battery replacement is also very expensive. It is helpful if you calculate the lifetime fuel cost of the ordinary car and compare it with the total cost of having an electric one. It is better to consider all of these electric car facts before purchasing your own electric vehicle.

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