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Electric Powered Scooters

Electric powered scooters are ideal bike choices today. Because of the smooth and easy ride that they provide to both adults and teens, they are starting to become largely recognized in the transportation industry today. They come in a wide range of designs and colors that make them very flexible to fit in any kind of lifestyle. Their simple and adorable styles do not hinder them from performing in excellent speeds that can be compared to the other modern modes of transportation. With their super acceleration which can reach up to 25 miles per hour, electric scooters prove to be competent driving options suited for riders of all ages.


The first ever relevant reference made for electric scooters was in an article published in the Popular Mechanics in the 1900s. Electric transportation was first thought of and designed during these early times in New York City by the Ajax Motor Vehicle company. Several companies followed this lead by creating their own versions of electric powered cycles. The Ransomes released their version at around the beginning of the 1920s, which was then pursued by a French group called Applications Electro-Mecaniques in 1927. They developed a model with two wheels in the front and one at the rear, which was then known as the Electrocyclette.

Because of the worldwide crisis resulting from the World War II, the transportation industry was urged to think of better substitutes for gas-powered vehicles. A vehicle that converts gasoline to electric energy, called the ParCarm, was brought by the inventor Earle Williams of Marketeer Co. A lot of progress happened during the 60s with the discovery of alkali fuel cells by the Union Carbide company. This essentially contributed to the advancement of the speed in electric vehicles, which led to the mass production of electric powered scooters.

The improvement of these scooters is still ongoing as of the present. Lots of major companies strive to create better and higher quality models in order to perk up the scooter industry. Just recently, the new model Killacycle broke the record for the fastest electric bike internationally by traversing over one fourth of a mile in just 7.824 seconds. Its high speed of 168 miles per hour also broke through the previous record, which was 152 miles per hour. Electric powered scooters are continually developed to discover better models that can exceed the world’s records.


The similar feeling of sliding along a smooth land experienced by the fans of electric scooters leaves a comfortable mark on its riders. No matter if they are riding their scooters on a rough road, they can easily glide through the street. Also, traveling on them has a very effective economical value and is good for mother earth, too. Because they are electric powered, they effectively help our environment by reducing the emission of carbon gases from the gasoline-powered vehicles.

Another helpful benefit from using electric powered scooters is that they do not consume big spaces, which makes parking very effortless. They can be parked on convenient spots and by-lanes.

Electric scooters are not only cost-effective but are very efficient in their very purposes as means of transportation. One can invest in this type of vehicle, which would surely meet good expectations on its pricing and performance.

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