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Staten Island Nissan dealers appreciate direction of Nissan electric technology

A Nissan golf cart, anyone? Okay, it’s not quite that bad, but Nissan’s two-passenger electric vehicle is just a step toward the finished product. Staten Island Nissan customers can be sure that it will be an actual car, with zero emissions, when Nissan has it ready for market.
Nissan plans to produce about 250,000 electric vehicles per year and with the Leaf coming to dealerships this month. Who knows how this new vehicle will fit into the mix, but Nissan presses onward.
With the huge popularity of the new Leaf, pre-orders coming in faster than it could be produced and customers on a waiting list now, this new vehicle, whatever it turns out to be, will prove to be an advance in technology and probably something that Nissan will make a profit on.
Hoboken used Nissan customers can find a wide selection of pre-owned Nissan models and certified pre-owned models that will meet their needs and their budgets.
Nissan also has a commitment from its partner Renault SA in France to produce an additional 250,000 electric vehicles each year, and along with Japanese electronics firm NEC Corp, Nissan plans to manufacture 500,000 batteries for electric cars each year.
Corporate Vice President Hideaki Watanabe said that Nissan’s 18 years of experience developing lithium-ion batteries and the fact that the company developed its first electric vehicle in 1947 make it ripe for producing electric cars in large quantities.
This new small Nissan New Mobility Concept can run 62 miles with a maximum speed of 47 mph. Not quite competitive yet as a commuter car, but certainly acceptable as a golf cart at this point. Seriously, though, Nissan has been rather tight-lipped about it, so we don’t know what improvements to expect and what the target market might be.
I’m sure they will surprise us and it will be greatly sought-after as is the Nissan Leaf, which sort of came out of nowhere. Hoboken used Nissan buyers may have to wait awhile for this mystery car as we did for the Leaf. But if the Concept is as impressive as the Leaf, it will certainly be worth the wait.
Your Staten Island Nissan dealer will be watching for any new developments on the New Mobility Concept front and let you know as soon as anything is announced. In the meantime, those of use wanting an eco-friendly model should get our names on a list for the Leaf. It’s here and it’s one of the cleanest cars around.
Green technology and zero emissions are something Nissan continues to improve and develop and we can expect to see cleaner, faster and more efficient vehicles as that research continues. Just the improvements in battery life and speed in the last few years are wroth raving about.

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