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When will the road of new energy vehicles? 2011 year-end 500 000 – heat pumps, solar energy, air ene

During two of the country, Deputy Minister of Industry and Miao Wei said in an interview for individuals to purchase new Energy Car Subsidy policy may be issued soon. Earlier, on many controversial new energy vehicles, and Miao Wei disclosed information, will subside to some extent after the complaint of some enterprises: Individual purchase of new energy vehicles subsidy policy does not come out, hard to look forward to the prospects of new energy vehicles.

But obviously will not be settled dispute.
Optimistic about the party prospects for the development of new energy vehicles set up in the Government’s energy security, environmental protection, macro-strategy of anticipation, that the Government would support funding the development of new energy vehicles, including subsidies, tax relief, direct funding to establish public facilities. As the key technology bottlenecks on the continuous breakthrough in demand niche markets and new business models to open up the development of Chinese enterprises will have the opportunity to become one of the future leaders of the automotive industry. Such as BYD Auto Co., which hopes to electric vehicle technology in 2015 and 2025, respectively, the realization of the "China first" and "world" car business ambitions.

Cautious about the others that the new energy vehicles only in the large-scale supply of clean new energy after the start to mass production Sell. But what can replace oil in 50 years, new and clean energy? Can not solve this problem, how to promote new energy vehicles? Moreover, there is limited market size, technical bottlenecks to be solved, the breakdown of infrastructure and other issues is difficult.

In dispute before the company towards the development of new energy vehicles gulf between the attitudes and actions, policy formulation is not perfect, there are still differences between the various authorities. However, our consensus is: the new energy vehicles must be done, is the focus of controversy when the force, and what to do.

"10 City, 1000" Project With an open letter
On the new energy automotive industry, the government’s industrial policy is how to channel it?

During the two sessions, the State Secretary, Ministry of Industry and equipped with wooden Chang further said in an interview, a State Council executive meeting has adopted the work of the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance and other relevant ministries to submit the issue of supporting the development of new energy vehicles program, specific implementation of the program is awaiting State Council approval.

Reported proposed program will determine the five pilot cities to buy electric vehicles for private subsidies, subsidies for the highest possible standards of up to 60,000 yuan. In addition, the programs are also supported buses, sanitation trucks and other public services to promote the use Energy And new energy vehicles from the 13 pilot cities (this is the media had simplified general reference to "10 City, 1000") extended to 20. This means that countries may focus on electric vehicles as the future support of new energy automotive technology course.

Ministry of Science since 2001 at the "863 Program" Energy-saving and new energy vehicles set up major projects since the new energy vehicles have been nearly a decade of government and policy concerns. Among them, the "new energy vehicles access rules", "Auto industry restructuring and revitalization plan" and "Ten City 1000" project, and the forthcoming subsidy policy for private car is the development of new energy vehicles several landmark event.

2007 11 1 from country Development and Reform Commission officially introduced the "new energy vehicles access rules" to define a new energy vehicles in China for the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), electric vehicle (EV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), and other new energy and automobile. 2009 Financial Times of crisis, the State Council promulgated the "automotive industry restructuring and revitalization plan" submitted to the clear objective: to end 2011, China should establish 500 000 new energy automobile production capacity (including the common type of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric, etc.), new energy vehicle sales accounted for 5% of the total passenger car sales around the major passenger car manufacturers should have certified the new energy automotive products.

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