Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle tyres introduced by Goodyear.

Goodyear Tyres has a well-deserved reputation for developing industry-leading innovations in tyre technology and is currently developing a new series of forward-looking projects. Indeed Goodyear Tyres has been beavering away behind the scenes to create some new and extremely interesting solutions that will bring many benefits in train. These latest developments from Goodyear Tyres are specifically aimed at contributing to greater road safety and reducing the impact of their products upon the environment.

Of particular interest given the current concerns for finding alternatives to fossil fuels, Goodyear Tyres has developed a prototype tyre designed specifically to match the requirements of electric vehicles. In particular Goodyear Tyres has been working on a low rolling resistance version of its EfficientGrip tyre that is specifically engineered for electric vehicles. This exciting new development from Goodyear Tyres combines top-rated energy efficiency, excellent noise efficiency and good wet braking performance levels with the company’s latest generation of ‘RunOnFlat’ technology.

One of the stated aims of Goodyear Tyres is that the technology that has been developed for use on electric vehicles will, in the not too distant future, be applied to tyres that will be used on more conventional vehicles. Indeed, the very benefits that Goodyear Tyres sees as important for use on electric vehicles will almost certainly boost the performance of fossil fuel vehicles by improving overall miles per gallon which will help save energy and of course help to reduce emissions. As you would expect, Goodyear Tyres, like other manufacturers, is keen to be seen as environmentally conscious.

In fact Goodyear Tyres has every reason to be pleased with the performance of these new tyres and performance testing has already demonstrated some impressive results that compare very favourably with other tyres on the market. Recently conducted tests, under a variety of terrain and climatic conditions, have shown that these innovative products from Goodyear Tyres deliver top notch performance when it comes to energy saving, along with excellent noise levels and outstanding wet braking – all of which Goodyear Tyres want to offer for conventional vehicles in the future.

Goodyear Tyres is justifiably proud of the fact that within the context of European Commission tyre labeling under the current methodology for ratings, the product would be at the top of the range for all the criteria. According to Goodyear Tyres, these exciting new products would earn an “A” rating on rolling resistance, would earn at least a “B” rating on wet grip and would earn 71 decibels in the noise rating. Impressive as these figures are, Goodyear Tyres also claim that future developments, both for electric cars and in the conventional vehicles arena, will be even more significant. Watch this space.

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