Electric Vehicles

What is an Electric Vehicle Electrician

Electric vehicles are been touted as the newest green initiative mandated by the government. They want to see them widely manufactured as a means to cut dependence on foreign oil and as part of a movement to find alternative energy sources.

The career outlook for an electric vehicle electrician is good. They make on average $39-$59 thousand a year.

An electric vehicle will obviously require repair by somebody other than a person trained in traditional automobile mechanics and an electrician may be required for many of the problems that an electric vehicle will encounter.

Because they are run by batteries that store up traditional electric current, electric vehicles are dependent on using electricity to run. There will be a shift in traditional mechanic demand as an electric vehicle replaces a traditional gas burning automobile.

The type of person who would be good at this job would have automobile mechanic and hands on ability, but is likely going to need to become a licensed electrician to work on an electric vehicle. Because safety is always a concern in vehicles, a licensed electrician will likely be required to avoid hazards that can cause fires or shorts that could cause electrocutions.

This is a field that will continue to grow into the next decade as retraining will be needed for traditional automobile mechanics, and licensed electricians will need to be trained in automobile mechanics to keep up with the demand that electric vehicle introductions will cause.

All of the major automobile manufacturers are racing to get their electric vehicle on the market before competitors. This green initiative by the government is going to create a different type of automobile mechanic that has electrician skills and can troubleshoot the electrical component of these electric vehicles.

By entering this growing field, you can expect for the most experienced electric vehicle “mechanics” to demand top pay as they may be called upon to train the “rookies” that have been auto mechanics for years, in addition to the new recruits into this occupation.

Of course, those that already have electrical training will have the upper hand on those that do not, although some of the more recently manufactured hybrids have electrical components built into them, and some have received the trial and error training that has come with the entry of those type of semi electric vehicles.

It is a “green” job occupation that will continue to grow through the next decade as fuel burning cars become replaced with more energy efficient electric vehicle fleets, and the average consumer starts to purchase them after the experimental phases are complete.

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