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china light industry association president and chairman of the china bicycle association wang and industrial development in about the time said china light electric cars in the early stages of industrial development industrial scale is not large but the growth speed is rare in many industries 2005 the country hundreds of companies all light electric vehicles including electric bicycle the total has more than 9 million exports about 200 if 3 million 20 billion yuan of industrial output value profits and taxes of about 60 million related to the production and service nearly 100 million people in the field of employment china has become the world 39 s largest producer of light electric vehicles consumption and exporting countries forma basis in 2010 china 39 s production and sales of light electric vehicles will likely reach 30 million exports could reach 5 million 600 million 70 billion yuan of industrial output including the upper and lower drive output of the industry total will reach 130 billion yuan guo xin li chairman of electric car than the german analysis from china 39 s new comprehensive urban transportation system asked to see light electric vehicles become more cars and buses ideal substitutes and supplements with the objective of technology and demand basis this process may mean a new era of personal transportation the light electric vehicle industry likely to nurture the development of an industrial revolution started by china and china lead the new generation of the new energy revolution the fulcrum a harmonious society and promoting china 39 s social construction of innovation important growth point quot blowout quot hidden danger behind on the industrial development in some of the problems wang and also expressed some concern general annual output of more than 5000 manufacturers have been considered few businesses on the 10000 as low barriers to entry the scale do not increase resulting in electric vehicle itself low tech product homogeneity serious especially in jiangsu and zhejiang and tianjin is a major industry cluster formation in supporting enterprises which are often quot copy quot of violations guo xin li analysis which in many vehicle companies management is an unavoidable problem in the current stage of development almost the majority of enterprises have ignored the term management but will concentrate on all the quot repairer quot and quot dealers quot on top good sales cover all the issues but that does not explain how good your car itself but now the market is too quot hungry quot once when the market reaches a certain level of sales setback enterprise management shortcomings will be exposed market calls for a strong and light electric vehicles with the production and consumption boom china has become the world 39 s largest industrial system supporting lev the development of anything but certain rules must be followed with the development of the industry those who blindly into this industry manufacturers will face weak insurmountable obstacle wang and that the electric car industry becomes increasingly sophisticated the market calls for the emergence of a strong brand this time companies should not focus exclusively on market share should be more concerned about the improvements in technology innovation capability of enterprises and the enterprise 39 s own management level to build electric car industry is facing a strong brand is not the future of competition second rule from the industry 39 s future healthy development the wang and called on everyone to work together regulate the industry establish credibility to provide consumers with better products br key words br electric cars small appliances br br home appliances br br comment br br br large br br in br br small br

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