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Waterbury Honda Civic dealer sees green in new Honda Fit EV Concept electric

Honda is on the path to a greener future and dealers hope to see some green as well with the introduction of the new Fit EV Concept electric and a platform for a mid-sized plug-in hybrid. Waterbury Honda Civic customers can look forward to this eco-friendly ride in the near future.
Honda has committed to reducing CO2 emissions and continuing to develop green technology. The Fit EV Concept “fits” right in with this, well, “concept”. Okay, enough with the bad puns. But the Fit EV won’t be available until 2012, so I’m sure there will be more bad puns made over it.
Designed for commuter driving needs, the Fit EV can hold five passengers and is powered with a lithium-ion battery paired with a coaxial electric motor. This may be just what Waterbury used Honda customers have been waiting for.
“Honda’s long history with electromotive technologies has enabled us to understand customer requirements,” Takanobu Ito, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. President and CEO, said. “In Honda’s view, an electric vehicle must offer great utility and be fun to drive. Fit EV’s urban commuting capability will be a perfect addition to the full-function mobility of the plug-in hybrid and FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle.”
The Fit EV will be practical for commuters or even for parents who need an around-town car or young drivers who need transportation to school or work. With a top speed of 90 mph and a driving range of about 100 miles per charge, the Fit should be practical for lots of drivers.
With a connectivity system allowing the driver to hook up through a personal computer or smartphone to view the car’s charge status, activate the air conditioning and set charge notifications and alerts.
Waterbury Honda Civic customers will find it easy to charge the battery in the Fit EV. It takes less than 12 hours for a full charge from a conventional 120-volt outlet and under six hours with a 240-volt outlet.
Five-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels, LED headlight, an aerodynamic bumper, chrome front fascia and clear LED taillights make this Honda fashionable and fun as well as efficient. Much of the same can be said for the plug-in hybrid Honda has developed.
The recently-unveiled plug-in hybrid platform also is a practical design in a mid-size sedan. Regenerative brakes help charge the battery and the range for all-electric mode is 10-15 miles city with a top speed of 62 mpg. The battery can fully recharge in about two hours with a 120-volt outlet and in about an hour with a 240-volt outlet.
Customers of Waterbury used Honda will appreciate these models and they will certainly be competitive with current EVs on the market.

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