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Chicago Chevrolet dealers get word of electric Volt’s pricing

The Chevrolet Volt may be a force to be reckoned with and it certainly will give the Nisan Leaf a run for its money. Now that pricing has been announced for the Volt buyers can decide whether an electric car is in their budget. Your Roselle Chevy Cruze dealer will work to get you the best purchase price possible.

In the long run, it will obviously save money in fuel costs, but at a base price of $41,000 before the $7,500 government tax credit ($33,500 after), it’s now quite as cheap as we had hoped. Leasing will be cheaper, though, at about $350 per month with $2,500 down. That’s right in line with the Nissan Leaf lease price, although its purchase price is a bit lower at $25,280 after the tax credit.

Some areas have local or state incentives for the electric vehicles. California, for example, offers another $5,000 tax rebate for Leaf (but not for Volt, oddly) on top of the federal credit. (Maybe that’s why they’re bankrupt.) Georgia and Oregon offer similar credits. California also allows single Leaf drivers to drive in the express lane (but again, not Volt). Whatever happened to supporting American-made products?

We have been waiting so long for the Volt that right now most of us are just relieved that it’s finally available – at any price. General Motors expects that the demand will exceed production for at least the next two years and with an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty buyers will not be hesitant about the new technology. Roselle Chevy Silverado customers should be content with such an excellent warranty.

Volt can offer 40 miles on battery power alone and then another 300 from the gasoline engine. Other similar vehicles like the Nissan Leaf can run 100 miles solely on battery power. This is an issue GM is well aware of and is working to expand.

The Volt does have extensive safety systems, including eight airbags. It also comes with Bluetooth standard and five years of Onstar service. These amenities cost more with similar models. There are four trim packages offered with the Volt.

The premium level throws in a leather steering wheel and seats, heated, and some change-ups on the interior door graphics. There is a back-up camera and park-assist package and premium polished wheels. More paint color choices are available for a fee. With all the options added the Volt comes in at $44,600.

If you are ready for the electric car experience, Volt is a great place to start and with the extended warranty and tax credits, as well as the extra technology that comes standard, it’s probably the best buy on the market. It will be great when GM gets that battery range extended, though.

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