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University of Memphis Buys Edyne Electric Vehicles

Electric trucks are becoming a big hit in this going green era as people around the world are starting to strive to save energy. In their early days, these vehicles did not exactly meet the standards of “normal” trucks, making them more of a good idea than a practical one. Nowadays though, there has been a huge increase in the technological abilities of these vehicles, to the point that they can keep up with a lot of other low speed vehicles on the market. The University of Memphis recently decided to utilize some from these new vehicles around campus, and they have turned them into a real success. Here is a look at how that happened.
The University of Memphis decided to invest in some electric trucks to use in various areas of campus. To do this, they enlisted the help of GGT, a company that has been long making electric vehicles for the market. With GGT’s designs in hand, the university selected several trucks, vans, and crew cab vehicles to purchase and use. GGT filled the order, delivered the vehicles, and the rest is history.
GGT is known for making fully electric vehicles that still have the power and general unction needed from a standard vehicle. The Edyne line and others like it from the company all come equipped with high voltage motors, long lasting batteries, ample storage, and much more. These vehicles have been tested multiple times for emissions and have always come out to be zero in the end. With that in mind, these cars are still built to go upwards of 25 miles an hour, making them more than sufficient to drive on campus roads. They provide function in lieu of environmental savings. You cannot ask for much more than that.
The University of Memphis is just an example of the many businesses and individuals who are starting to use electric vehicles for their needs. As more people begin to adopt these vehicles into their everyday uses, the human population will be able to minimize its footprint on the environment. Companies like GGT are constantly striving to make changes to their vehicles to make them even better to use than ever before, all while saving the environment at the same time. Follow in the University of Memphis’s footsteps and start looking at your electric car options today. You could make a difference in the world.

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