Electric Vehicles

Technology of Electric Bikes

The electric bikes have set a new trend of transportation. There are millions of electric bikes running on the streets and roads across the world. Since energy prices are higher and traffic congestion is much worse in some parts of Asia, more and more commuters now prefer electric bikes. The electric bikes have been designed to save the fuel cost and maintenance, as they do not require any kind of fuel and do not have to get regular services as in case of fuel engine motor bikes; they run on a battery which needs charging after 40-50 kms, so the electricity consumption is also very low and there is no other maintenance cost.

Propelled by latest technology and to fight the high fuel prices, the battery operated electric bikes sale is increasing day by day in all of the developing countries, especially amongst the middle class. The electric bike is an exciting product designed with an intelligently applied technology. This electric vehicle has replaced the traditional petrol powered vehicles and helped reduce the fuel cost and carbon in the air to lessen the air pollution. This electric vehicle is a best option for a convenient and economical short distance travel compared to other motorised transport vehicles. Even the maintenance cost could be around 10 cents for up to 50kms.
An electric bike can be peddled as well as can be activated by throttle because of the hybrid technology used to manufacture it. This bike is lightweight and comes with compact motor in the front wheel hub and direct-drive shaft instead of a chain and an alloy frame and this technique helps you go where you want without breaking a sweat. The battery of the electric bike has been designed using the new Protanium Lithium Polymer technology, similar to the battery technology as used in laptops and cell phones which is lightweight but powerful. The Protanium battery is the lightest and has a Plug ‘n’ Drive System that makes these bikes packed with energy and it is very easy to quickly charge and can be detached from the bikes as and when required.
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