Electric Vehicles

Tips For Using A Electric Car Conversion On Your Vehicle

Convert2ev vehicle to an Electric Car and save the Planet from pollution, drive gasoline free and be eco friendly. Electric Car plans are around us nowadays and even shown in the News all the time. Convert2EV is the original electric cars guide, with 91 pages of quality information (although the font size is very large, and there are a lot of diagrams). It’s definitely worth looking at.

Cost per KW hour is 15 cents an hour and and an 8 hour charge will cost $1.20. Compare that to paying a $1.20 per gallon for a gasoline car that gets 30 to 40 miles per gallon. Costs of hybrid electric cars are also coming down fast, making your initial investment in hybrid electric cars even more worth while. Gem electric cars have taken the electric car market by storm.

Start by considering the amount of miles you drive in a given day. You will need to see how using an electric vehicle fits into that routine. Started in August of 2005 Eve is being built using a 1990 Ford Probe as the donor. She’s lighter than the previous EV (Mazda 626), more streamlined, and the body is in great shape.It is now possible to turn the car your driving right now with Electric car Conversion or Convert2EV guide.

Vehicles for these will typically be economy car conversions or custom built chassies but with excess rear weight bias to allow agile handling under the control of an experienced driver (such rearward balance may be dangerous for everyday use). Vehicles using both electric motors and ICEs are examples of hybrid vehicles, and are not considered pure BEVs because they operate in a charge-sustaining mode. Hybrid vehicles with batteries that can be charged externally to displace some or all of their ICE power and gasoline fuel are called plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), and are pure BEVs during their charge-depleting mode.

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