Electric Vehicles

"The Truth About Electric Cars"

Many are the benefits of driving and owning an Electric Vehicle (EV) but personally these are the ones that stand out for me as one who wants to save money and cares about the environment.

Electric cars run on electricity generated from a battery and do not emit air pollutants, this vehicles are termed as zero emission vehicles. Air pollutants are a result of fossil fuel used in internal combustion engines which can be eliminated by using alternative vehicles such as electric cars which are more efficient per dollar and yields better air quality.

Driving an electric car will feel very familiar to driving a gasoline car but without the internal combustion have the potential to be quieter. There are also practical for getting around town since for most of us the daily commute is around 40 miles. As a downfall, EV’s are more costly that conventional gas vehicles. As an alternative conversions of gas car to electric is a less expensive option and at the same time a form of consumer recycling. These types of conversions are done more and more each day and it seems to be a much simpler process that you may think. Mechanics charge as much as $4000 for this process which is still cheaper that purchasing an electric vehicle but still too costly for my budget.

I have done a lot a research on the subject and discover that there are several DIY manuals to do gas to electric conversions on your vehicle. Out of all those manuals one stood out due to its simplicity and cost reduction measures they implemented. The manual was very easy to understand with lots of information. Installation works with any gas or diesel powered car, van truck or SUV. Best of all the technology required is available for free. Some of the parts can be access for free and the rest for under $300. Imagine the possibilities of driving 100 miles on a single charge which roughly translates to $1.

You can learn more about how to convert your gas guzzler to electric here:

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