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The Price Of Petrol And Lithium Battery Is Important For Electric Car’s Future

According to the research, seven percent of the light car will be the electric vehicle in the year of 2016, and this ratio will increase to fifteen percent in 2010. Among which, the hybrid and electric vehicle takes two-third, while the other kind of cars take one-third. The petroleum resources are short nowadays all over the world, which stimulates the demand of electric vehicle. What is more, some countries, including China, Japan and Israel, support the development of this car. Whether the electric car will be success or not is decided by the price of petrol and lithium battery.

Another obstacle of the automobile is the beneficial owner in the supply chain, because every level of the electric car are changing quickly, including the driving habit, supply chain, infrastructural facilities and service. The change on the driving model may cause the transform of cooperation. Although the lithium battery still needs to face so many challenges, such as the cost, the power density, reliability and service life, it is the tendency in the automotive industry.

Experts point out that the electric vehicle brings a revolution to the industry, which can be seen from the cooperation in the industry chain and the related business models. Apart from the component suppliers, the manufacturers of semiconductor will be the systematic partner of automotive factories. Currently, the Infineon, renesas, freescale and st microelectronics are the main suppliers of automotive semiconductor. Infineon has been in the leading place of the market. Compared with the other competitors, the area covered by the Infineon products is wider.

The quality and reliability of the semiconductor component is vital. If the poor semiconductor components are applied in the safety system or power system, the following problem will increase in multiples. Therefore, better to analyze strictly at the beginning than to spend so much money dealing with the automobiles. The related integrated circuit is HMI63.

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