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How Electric Bike Market in India Can Be Improved?

India has a large business in cycles and petrol bikes. Electric bikes come under middle segment and India is seen as future hub for electric vehicles business. Market is expected to rise by 100% this year and then 200% in the consequent years. But in order to realize this trend, we need to collectively work on the following points.

1. Strict adherence to the quality practices and should meet the automotive standards. Customer should be happy to buy using his hard earned money.
2. Entrepreneurs should take up the projects to manufacture e-bike components i.e. Battery, motors, controllers, chargers, converters, wire harness, chassis etc.
3. Best after sales service will attract the end-user. Spare parts should be available easily.
4. Government should give subsidy to EV companies.
5. Tax exemptions by government like No Excise, VAT, GST, VAT etc.
6. The product development should reach the rural people, disabled and poor man. I.e. Mileage, weight carrying capacity, rough road conditions drive, power, speed and reliability.
7. Easy finance facility with lower interest rates for the end-users.
8. Quick charging stations at shopping malls, telephone booths and petrol filling stations.
9. Companies should train the local auto garage mechanics to repair most common issues in the bike. For example- Puncture repair.
10. Publishing Ads, PRs, articles related EVs and educate end user.
11. Conducting Electric bike rally on Indian roads will surely impact the market acceptability. OEMs should sponsor and promote this type of activities.
12. Battery technology should shift from Sealed lead acid to Li-ion batteries which will increase the life and drive range. Research needed to be done to reduce the cost of Li-ion battery without affecting the performance.

Sooner or later we are going to see the above things in India. Once the above points are realized, we can proudly say India entered into matured stage in electric vehicle business. No doubt the usage of EVs will reduce the tail pipe emissions drastically around the country which in turn reduces the global warming and helps to build greener India.

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