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The Electric Car Conversion Kit Fad

Of all the differing kinds of alternative fuel cars available, the electric vehicle has had one of the rockiest histories. Though hybrid cars with gas-electric engines have become popular with drivers looking to economize at the pump while reducing their carbon emissions, heavily produced all-electric cars simply haven’t become a reality — not yet, anyhow.
We hear daily reports about the way the auto industry is taking a second look into alternative technologies to pick up flagging sales, yet electric vehicles only exist as prototypes and concepts at about that point. In fact, electrical vehicles basically have a long history that goes all of the way back to the early 19th century. Thomas Edison even worked on plans to make an efficient, long lasting battery that could power vehicles, but he eventually abandoned it. With the arrival of the Ford Model-T, which was powered by a gasoline engine, car production was heavily influenced for future years.
there were latest examples of all-electric autos, including the Toyota Rav4 EV and the Tesla Roadster as an example, but they’ve proved too costly or too fussy for mass-production. So, for the moment, you can’t just walk into your area vehicle dealership and drive the most recent all-electric model off the lot. For those obsessed about electric automobiles and the technology behind them, however, some have taken the problem into their own hands. Rather than waiting around for the giant car firms to supply electrical automobiles, some have performed electric car conversions by taking a conventional car, one that’s’s normally powered by a gas engine, and turning it into an all-electric auto. But what if you do not quite have the technical knowhow to pull off such an endeavor? What are your options? If you do a little looking online, you may come across advertisements for special electric car conversion kits. The question is, what do these kits do to a standard gasoline-powered car, and could they actually help turn your auto into a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly machine? Keep reading more about electric car conversion at www.gas2electricity.com

DIY Electric Car Conversion Kits

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