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Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter- A Revealing Overview Of The Razor E200S

After quite a bit of shopping around, we bought the Razor E200S seated electric scooter for our 12 year old daughter as a Christmas gift this year. In doing our shopping, my wife and I got quite an education about the Razor E200S, as well as many other models. This article will reveal the features of this particular model, and why they suited the needs of our daughter.

We first did some research on the company that makes the scooter. The manufacturer is a U.S. based company- Razor U.S.A. They have been making “mini” electric vehicles for 10+ years, and have an excellent repututation for standing behind their products.

They feature a product line of electric scooters that target young children, all the way up to teenagers and adults.

The Razor E200S seated electric scooter has a rider weight capacity of 220 lbs, which make it a perfect choice for our daughter. She weighs 90 lbs, so she will be able to “grow” in to the scooter, and ride it for years to come!

She is an adventurous type, so we ahd to make sure that the unit we selected had a high enough top speed. The E200S has a top speed of 12 mph, which is definitely fast enough. It is important to remember that the weight of the rider, and terrain, will influence the top speed.

It is also fun to ride, with it’s twist grip throttle, and “bicycle” style hand brakes.

A single charge of the dual, 12 volt batteries, can provide up to 45 minutes of continuous riding. Of course, it will go much longer than that with frequent stops.

The battery takes approximately 8 hours to re-charge.

An important features to us was the adjustable and removable seat. As our daughter grows taller, it can be adjusted to her changing height. The seat is surprisingly comfortable as well.

Razor is noted for quality, as evidenced by the tensile steel frame, and extra wide deck. The bottom line, though, is that our daughter really loves the Razor E200S seated electric scooter!

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