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Toyota Introduces Solar Power To Electric Vehicles

Toyota is developing electric cars which can utilize solar panels for power. This is the first time that Toyota is using solar energy, a great renewable source of energy to charge electric batteries in hybrid cars.

Solar panels are being mounted on each end of new Toyota electric cars to draw renewable energy from the sun. This is not the first time solar energy has been introduced as a source of energy to power automobiles. It is possible to create a solar powered vehicle but there are trade-offs when it comes to speed. As far as using it for powering electric batteries found in hybrid vehicles there is considerable concern as to whether or not the sun will be able to provide enough power to charge the battery.

Solar powered methods have been used for powering outdoor lamps. These lamps collect energy from the sun during the day and then can be used at night. That type of simple and efficient energy transfer for hybrid type vehicles still needs more development and improvement.

It would seem, however, that Toyota may have found a means to effectively recharge hybrid batteries. Though Toyota has made no comment regarding this prototype, it is conceivable that solar energy could be harvested through panels and may possess enough energy to power dashboards systems, headlights, windshield wipers and even the vehicles radio. Other more energy utilizing systems may require much more power than panels can provide. If Toyota has found a way around this we’ll know soon enough.

Since 2008, it has been rumored that Toyota has created a roof top solar panel for a next generation Prius. We know Toyota has been using solar power for its plant in central Japan but beyond that we’ll just have to wait and see. But even if this becomes a mainstream reality, what price tag will it have?

When asked about the affect on the cash for car business, the owner of Quick Cash Auto felt he’d be doing fine either way. More than likely the price tag will be steep and in this economy where people are literally getting rid of leased and pre-owned vehicles like hot cakes to places like Quick Cash Auto, it’ll probably be a long while before one could really consider a solar powered hybrid as a factor on present car values. And even if the day comes when everyone wants a new solar paneled trick out hybrid, they’ll probably want to sell their current car anyway. So it looks like he’ll be just fine. We’re definitely going to be keeping an eye on later developments in this area. After all, this is the future of hybrids.

Remember when the first hybrid came out? It was heralded as the future of the conventional car. My how far we’ve come! And it looks like we’re just getting started.

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