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Hybrid vehicles- Technology for Tomorrow

Men have been invented new technologies time by time. It is said that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The inventions helped men for growing easily and in the routine works of the man. When men needed something to be changed and they changed the things. When something was not appropriate for the man then men changed them. The new changes are said to be inventions. The vehicles are used by men since many decades. Men have been using petrol and diesel since many years. By the time, men knew that the use of petrol and diesel and other crude items is dangerous for the environment. So a new change has occurred. Men have now invented hybrid vehicles that can run on alternative energy sources such as gas or electricity or solar energy. These vehicles are said to be hybrid vehicles. In this article we will discuss about working, types, and advantages of the hybrid vehicles and hybrid cars.

Hybrid vehicles are the vehicles that can run using more than one fuel system. A gas-electric hybrid vehicle runs on both gas and electricity. There are vehicles that can run on petrol and electricity. They can work on either of the two fuels. There are many types of hybrid cars: electrical cars, solar cars, natural gas, gas cars, etc. The electric cars are said to be battery electricity vehicles. They are also environment-friendly vehicles. Petrol and diesel which are traditional sources of energy, produces a lot of air pollution. Let us talk about the working of an electric car. In an electrical car, there is a engine that combine a gas engine and an electric motor. And it assists a car as it performs certain actions such as when it gets speed, when it slows down from the speed and when it stops. The hybrid engine is responsible for the less amount of gas is used and car can run at its optimum level of efficiency. The fuel tank supplies the gas to the engine transmission system and in the end the transmission system turns the wheels. The motor gets the power from the batteries. It also turns the transmission and the transmission turns the wheels.

The amount of electricity that goes into the motor is controlled to drive the vehicle by the controller. The hybrid car keeps the emissions of the carbon dioxide down, keeps pollution at low level and keep our environment clean. Solar cars convert solar energy into electricity. In the place of battery, the electricity can also be generated from other sources like nuclear, natural gas, coal and petroleum.

There are a lot of advantages of the electrical cars. Firstly, they do not pollute the environment. And probably this is the reason why the hybrid cars being popular world wide. Another good example of the advantages of the hybrid electric car is that it can easily be charged. Just to insert the plug in the electric socket and let it be charged. It is also cutting cost of petrol. The electrical cars are easy to ride for ladies and aged persons.
There are many leading car companies who have made electrical cars and have launched in market for sell.

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