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RC Vehicle choice: A Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are looking for a remote control vehicle for yourself or to give as a gift, the choices can seem endless. To that end I have compiled a buyer’s guide to give you some tips to help you find what you are looking for.

Which Grade – Hobby or Toy?

If you are buying for a young child then you will probably want to go with a cheaper toy grade rc vehicle. They are great for teaching the basics of controlling a remote controlled vehicle and are usually not very fast, so can be used indoors with ease. However, if you or the person you are buying for wants to be able to take to the race or dirt track, then you will need a hobby-grade vehicle. Hobby grade vehicles are constructed for durability, performance and speed.

Ready-To-Run or Kit?

Often you will see the term RTR in the title of remote control vehicles, this stands for Ready-To-Run. This simply means that the rc vehicle is already pre-assembled, and right to go straight out of the box. A remote control car kit is an rc vehicle that needs to be assembled. Therefore, you get all the parts and instructions needed to build it and have to put it together yourself. So unless you want to know how your vehicle works or would prefer to build your own vehicle, I would suggest going RTR.

Electric/Nitro or Gas?

If you are an rc enthusiast, you will probably be interested in the biggest and best types of remote controlled vehicles, these are usually powered by gas. Maybe you are interested in racing, then you’ll likely want to choose a nitro-powered vehicle. These types of vehicle are fast and since they run on fuel can be refilled quickly to get you back on the track in no time. Now if you are new to the rc vehicle scene, then an electric vehicle may be the way to go. These types of vehicle are generally not as fast as a their fuel powered counterparts but are very easy to set up and maintain.

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