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Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles *PHEVs) are not a dream anymore

The topic “global warming” may be unpleasant for some people. However taking action to stop air polluting could be a pleasant thing to do for anyone. What can you and I do to help?

A few years ago, General Motors started making the electric vehicle. It was called the (EV1). The reader knows well what I am talking about. They did not sale the cars in the beginning. They wanted to test it first by leasing it out. The car was a beauty. Then all of sudden without giving any explanation to the public, General Motors terminated the leases and went ahead and destroyed the EVE1s. I never knew why they did such a thing, but they did it. The reason could have been “jobs”, or the oil companies had something to do in stopping the EV1 distribution. The fact is that I still am a gasoline junkie until now.

Now General Motors will manufacture Hybrid Plug-in cars again. Oh yes… that is like music to my ears. Driving a PHEV is like navigating in two cars at the same time. One auto powered by fuel and one powered by electricity to be plugged for re-charge in your garage every night. Isn’t it great?

But… it may happen that the oil companies will intervene again. You know, it is not nice to loose a profitable business. It is so profitable indeed. Mobil alone reported something like 29 and a half billion Dollars profit in 2006, the equivalent to about 4 million Dollars earnings per hour. There are trillions of Dollars yet to be made from here till the end of the oil reserves. But I say; the exploitation of fossil fuel has to stop now or there will be no clean air for our great grand children.

My gut feelings tell me that hybrid-plug in automobile will sell like hotcakes. If these features don’t catch your attention what will?
* You’ll pay at the pump less than $1.00/gallon. If you do the math on the mpg, you’ll come up with about 78 cents a gallon. Isn’t it great?
* Your vehicle could become 100% clean, if you use American made ethanol (already offered at the pump in Central America and other parts of the world) instead of gas.
* You are contributing to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. This fact will make you a proud individual.
* And that is not all… Most people will spend 0 gallons of gas every week recharging the batteries overnight. Most of us work 30 miles or less from home; and because one charge will take you to a distance of 60 miles average, your weekly traveling will cost you almost 0 cash.
* What about safety? You may ask. Relax, you may continue driving the same size of vehicle you are used to, hybrid plug-ins will be built in all sizes. Car manufacturers can make SUVs, vans, buses and more.
* What’s more, the vehicle could be as fast as any gas propelled automobile. Let’s remember that the fastest trains in existence today are powered by electricity.

Please join the campaign going on nationwide right now. I just did. Visit:

Who is endorsing the campaign?

Senator Barac Obama. http://gristmill.grist.org/story/2006/2/28/225014/029

Senator Clinton http://calcars.org/phevs-in-dc.html#hc

President Bush video http://calcars.org/audio-video/bush-phevs-20feb06.html


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