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The Basic Technical Specification Of RC Nitro Gas Vehicles Simplified For Beginners

RC Nitro Gas vehicles – how do you comprehend the technical aspects and components of such rc automobiles? In a previous article, some technical details of rc electric vehicles were listed and their terminology clarified. This article focuses on understanding a typical specification for rc nitro gas vehicles.

The following is a list of the most common features and functionality found with rc nitro gas vehicles, derived from the specification for a ‘Hispeed Pace-Setter 1/10th Scale GP On-Road Racing Car’

o Glow Starter (Engine Starter for rc nitro gas vehicle)
o Four wheel straight shaft drive system.
o Front/rear differentials with good quality bevel gears as well as with 5 screws easy for maintenance.
o 6061/T6 solid anodized aluminium chassis.

o 13.8g lightweight aluminium flywheel allows for quick engine response.
o Solid universal joint cup/high performance ball bearings complete.
o Disc brake system with user replaceable pads provides quick brake response.

o Extra large capacity leak proof fuel tank with the overflow pipe and spring loaded fill cover for quick re-filling.
o Pre-trimmed V-tread durable tires.
o Oil filled shock springs and good quality shock absorbers provide excellent protection against shock.
o High flow dual foam element air filter (user serviceable).
o Large front bumper with good quality sponge provide good protection against accidental impacts.

o Vehicle length: 360 mm
o Vehicle Width: 200 mm
o Height: 112 mm
o Wheelbase: 260 mm

o Gear Ratio: 1:7.67

o Weight: approximately 1665g
o Ground Clearance: 4.5 mm

o Wheel Diameter: 65 mm

o Wheel Width: 26 mm

o Engine level: 15/16cxp

In this article, I’ll be concentrating on the rc nitro gas vehicle specific features of this specification only:

Glow Starter / Advanced Engine Starter / Glow Plug Igniter
This is the igniter for the rc nitro gas vehicle engine. This device is powered by a singular Nickel Cadmium battery. At the top of the rc nitro engine, you should find a Glow Plug, to which you attach the Glow Starter. When the Glow Plug heats up (it actually glows!) and you remotely start the rc nitro engine, the nitro fuel ignites and your rc nitro gas vehicle is ready to burn rubber!

Lightweight aluminium flywheel
The rc nitro gas engine is a scaled-down, two stroke internal combustion engine. The flywheel design allows for a quick response from this rc nitro gas motor.

Fuel Tank
A leak proof, large capacity fuel tank with overflow. Refuelling your rc nitro gas vehicle is quick and easy – from a squeezy bottle. As for the nitro fuel, always check that you buy the nitro methane variety for your rc nitro gas vehicle, and never the gasoline that you fill up your automobile with on the forecourt. Either way, a safety warning: rc nitro gas fuel is flammable.

One of the major challenges with running an rc nitro gas vehicle, especially for beginning rc enthusiasts, is starting the engine. This is why it is important to try and understand the technicalities of the rc nitro gas engine components – very much like the skills and knowledge that a mechanic who works on a real world automobile has. With experience however, and some basic mechanical skills, you could soon aim for a high-end rc nitro gas vehicle that you could build from a kit, or construct from engine and mechanical components that you have sourced individually yourself.

Unsurprisingly, the cost of ownership of rc nitro gas vehicles tends to be higher than rc electric vehicles. This is obviously due to the requirements of the internal combustion engine.

The remaining features in the specification above for the rc nitro gas vehicle are usually common to rc electric vehicles as well. These features were explained in a previous article that focussed on rc electric vehicles.

To conclude, your ownership options for your rc nitro gas vehicle are whether you want to run it on road or off road and whether you wish to build an rc nitro gas vehicle yourself or to purchase it off the shelf, ready to run. In any case, just become an expert by simply understanding what makes your rc nitro gas vehicle tick and what is necessary to run your rc nitro gas vehicle at optimum efficiency – without getting too ‘geeky’ over the technical specification.

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