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North American Auto Show car headed electric vehicles blocking the way – China Solid Control Equipme

finally, this week, a detroit local time, in the economic crisis, the trauma of recovering a year-long motor city ushered in the annual . whether it is the rebirth of bankruptcy general motors, ford, or escaped bankruptcy, or weakly italy chrysler, and the world economic crisis of those efforts to combat transnational giants, want to pull themselves together in this , take their own housekeeping products, 50 more than 700 exhibitors showcasing a variety of new types of vehicles, general motors, ford, chrysler and other transnational auto giants there are nearly 30 new models at the world debut. the is another important feature of the current small cars and electric cars, auto makers hope to display more small cars, electric vehicles to convey the message of optimism and hope. “the ‘s theme is a small car and green cars,” said analyst qiaofeilipu. electric avenue show cars to long-term development goals detroit this year, concentrated in the biggest highlights of the forthcoming electric cars and trucks, from the hybrid, plug-in to a pure electric vehicles, 20 electric vehicles and related technologies on display at the detroit cobo center, located in the main floor, electric road surface, these latest technologies and models both from traditional car manufacturers, such as nissan leaf, there are new electric car manufacturers models, such as china’s byd. the organizers said the display of electric vehicles will be interpreted automotive industry is currently the most immediate concern of the use of global technology to the industry as a whole, the long-term development goals. consumer demand for environmental protection and a double car under the prevalence blows past muscular cart is different from the current , small cars on the unprecedented growth in the number. besides american manufacturers chevrolet ke luzi, ford’s new carnival and fox, as well as japanese brand new mazda 2, honda’s cr-z, as well as the toyota and lexus hybrid concept car. smaller models are the electric version of the fiat 500, the volvo c30 as well as modern electric car hybrid. the current car so eye-catching, but also some pressure so dictates, the gm and chrysler lessons to be implemented by 2016, more stringent fuel efficiency standards, as well as fluctuations in oil prices allow consumers to increase demand for the purchase of small cars have made the automobile manufacturers turned to the development of small cars. for small cars do not mean cheap, the north american chairman dougfox that these upcoming small cars with very different before. now more than small cars from europe, japan, technology platform, has outstanding performance and internal space, most of which could comfortably seat four persons. eager to show recovery and optimism cuts in expenditures at the motor show this year is still the practice of the majority of car manufacturers, in addition to using less luxurious materials, will be settled in time for delayed venues, the fine product description, ultra-luxurious reception have also been cut. even so, the simplicity, compared with last year’s auto show this year, the performance of various manufacturers are still people obviously feel different, “we have a revival of hope and optimism, this year’s show is new and is full of vitality, and but to spend only limited “, dougfox said.

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