Electric Vehicles

Building an Electric Car Motor

Most people today are considering doing an electric car motor conversion thanks to the certainly constant oil price hikes that we are faced with. Aside from the rising fuel prices, fossil fuels are starting to become used and our surroundings is also slowly deteriorating due to massive carbon emissions from automobiles which make a contribution to global warming.

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electric autos are different from gasoline-powered automobiles in terms of their sources of power. Gasoline-powered vehicles, from the name itself, are powered by petrol. These standard autos have a gas engine which is replaced by an electric motor in electric vehicles. The electric motor is perhaps the most important part of the electric auto. There are essentially two main sorts of motors for the electric auto conversion – the AC and the DC conversion systems.

The basic electric car conversion kit includes a motor, a battery, and a control mechanism. The batteries can be charged using the energy generated by the original engine of the car or by plugging the automobile in another wall outlet.

The idea of retrofitting your current car to run on electricity is quite a simple process, which involves the removal of the internal combustion engine for it to be replaced with an electrical motor. Since the engine is gone, all the connecting or associated components like the gas tank, fuel lines, radiator, fuel pump, and exhaust pipe are going to be removed too. The motor is connected directly to the current transmission unit. A chain of deep cycle batteries are used to power the electrical motor. To supply sufficient power to the motor, 10 to 15 units of lead acid batteries could be mandatory.

Performing an electric car motor conversion is not that tricky. You can always refer to electric automobile kits to give you the proper procedures and complete electrical car conversion instructions.

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