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How To Generate Free Energy – Can You Add A Generator To An Electric Vehicle To Create Regeneration?

Can You Add A Generator To An Electric Vehicle To Create Regeneration? Still needs batteries, or else you run out of power pretty quick? batteries=mining=scarring of land, loss of habitat, burning fossil fuels, acid leaching, destroyed watersheds, etc. no system works without strings attached. not going to say that it is not a better system than we have now. just saying it’s not a “silver bullet” solution.

Ideas such as these require infrastructure. if we don’t green up the infrastructure, then we still cannot make sufficient progress -in my opinion. Yes, a well designed hybrid with regenerative braking, and supplementary solar panels is currently the most efficient vehicle design category available.

However, to turn a generator with an electric motor, you have to have a source of electricity, and guess what, when you run an electric motor, some energy is lost as heat, and some energy is lost to friction. When you turn a generator, some rotational energy is lost to friction, and some generated energy is lost overcoming the inherent resistance in the windings.

Believe me. If it was practical to turn generators with electric motors, do you think the power companies would be wasting their money on coal, oil, natural gas, and hydroelectric dams?

Bottom line, there is no such thing as free energy. There are occasions when the cost of energy is hidden, such as putting solar panels on a house that you are trying to shade from the sun, anyway, or putting up a windmill in an area that has no shortage of wind. However, you are still binding natural (or synthetic) resources in order to manufacture those systems. You want to reduce your energy usage, don’t waste energy. THAT information is free to all.

Totally impossible as it violates the very fundamental laws of physics. Basically, you cannot get something for nothing. You can’t get power out without power in, which is what you are trying for. People have been trying for hundreds of years to make a perpetual motion machine, and not one has ever been shown to work.

Don’t you think if it were as simple as you describe, someone would have built one and demonstrated it, and we would never ever need a drop of oil again! Just connect a generator to a motor and you are done, free power! So easy anyone could build one. (Ha)

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