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How To Find A Place To Charge Your Electric Car

This is a question common among individuals planning to get their own electric car. While you haven’t gotten one yet–or even if you have already gotten one–here are some things you should know about how to find a place to charge your electric car.

1. Spend some time on the net researching for car hookup stations available in your place. Although not all cities have installed car hookups stations, the Internet can provide you with information of other nearby cities where you can have your car charged.

Because of the fact that electric cars are trending today, more and more companies are going into this business. Also, since electric cars have made their way because of global warming, many countries are supporting this move and hence, put on great efforts to installing more car hookups.

Once known, locate these areas and see these stations yourself. Ask these stations questions regarding their service. There are stations that do not support all types of electric vehicles. Find the one that supports your car or that car in mind.

2. You can check on motorcycle campgrounds, retailers, car rental agencies, parking garages, hotel chains and casinos. Again, because the number of electric vehicles is rising, even hotels and casinos today have plunged into this business. Some offer free power charging while others charge at a reasonable $2 to $3 for full charge as compared to $60 of full tank of gasoline–the reason people are going for an electric car.

Further, charging companies like Ecotality and Better Place have installed over 4,000 chargers in the US. Their service can range from $20 to $60 a month.

3. If you’re planning to buy an electric car, might as well check at car companies at what they can provide you in terms of car hookups. For sure these companies can tell you where you can charge your car. Today, many charging companies have partnered with car manufacturing companies to address the problem on car charging. For example, Microsoft and Ford Motors Co. partnered this year to create a solution to car charging at home, according to USA Today.

Although these are feasible means to knowing how to find a place–a station–where you can charge your car, you can as well search in the Internet for car chargers you buy and directly install at your home–instead of looking for a local car hookup station. Sure, this is easier and convenient for long hours of travel, as you can just charge your car overnight right at your own backyard.

True, this is one challenge that the electric vehicle (EVs) manufacturers are faced with. But as people are more aware of the benefits of owning an electric car, which in turn calls for a high supply of EVs, the demand for car hookup stations is also rising. That said EV manufacturers and charging companies are now finding possible solutions to address this problem so that you wouldn’t have to worry about where to charge your car, if you’re planning to get one.

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