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How To Build An Electric Car Make Your Own Green Car

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Just about anyone can learn how to build an electric car. It really isn’t that difficult. Your first electric car conversion will turn out super and you will gain a lot of knowledge.

Here are a few things you will need to get going:

1- A garage, barn or shop to work in, or you can work outside if you have to.

1- You will have to have detailed directions about how to build an electric car

3- You’ll need to access proper tools, wrenches, drills and a small handheld grinder and so on.

4- Lastly it would be great if you had somebody to act as your helper.

I say that you need a helper because often times it is hard to hold the parts in place and secure them at the same time. A few times, there will be heavy lifting involved as well, although you can use a hoist to remove the old gas-burning engine from your vehicle.

The place to start is to unattach the engine, and all of the parts that you won’t need anymore, for example the exhaust system and the gas tank. There is no exhaust with an electric vehicle so it’s not required.

Learning how to build an electric car or convert one to electricity is really about balancing weight to motor and battery power. You’ll want the lightest vehicle you can locate to convert, that will do the job for you and your family. Small cars and trucks are a great fit for this project.

After all of the combustible fuel related components are unattached you will easily find room for the 20 or so batteries you will need and the DC electric motor also. The directionsyou obtain should have information that shows you where you can find batteries and motors for free. Since this is the one largest expense that is welcomed news.

Everything needs to be properly aligned from motor through the transmissions so start with the motor and work back from there. Next you can build simple mounting platforms for the controllers and betteries.

Wondering what distance your EV will go per charge? Many conversions make room for enough }batteries that will give you an adequate range up to 200 miles. This will allow you to do many errands before having to charge up again.

Wondering how fast an EV will go, this isn’t a pokey electric golf cart you’re making here. Learning how to convert a gas car to an electric car is nothing like a golf cart, so get that image out of your head. Your green car will travel with easeat fiftymph and the acceleration is shocking. Properly assembled, according to the directions, your converted vehicle will rival any motorcycle or muscle car for acceleration in town.

The first time you enter in your newly assembled electric vehicle you will be addicted. And the first time you drive by a filling station while others are filling up you will be thankful you started this project.

http://www.squidoo.com/electric_car_conversion_kit is the place to start learning how to build an electric vehicle and soon you’ll be driving with almost no cost battery power, learning how to build an electric vehicle sure makes sense for you and your family.

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