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Ft. Myers Volvo used xc60 dealers intrigued by new electric Volvo idea

Thus far, the progress of the electric car has been moving along swimmingly. Still, there is plenty of room for progress, and it’s going to take real industry leaders like Volvo to spawn innovation. Ft. Myers Volvo XC60 dealers were excited to hear that their brand is taking an active role in battery research, employing electric vehicles of their own in the test phases ‘ while also bringing a large, potentially industry changing development to the table. With brands like Chevy and Nissan leading the charge into the electric era of driving, the way has been paved for other influencers in the industry to step and strut their stuff. We always knew that Volvo was dedicated to fuel efficiency, and this just solidifies the point even more. What is the new innovation that has gotten Ft. Myers used S80 dealers so up in arms? Well, it looks like Volvo has found the next material to replace the lithium-ion battery ‘ an innovation that may carry past the auto industry and into other areas.

The new material, composed of carbon fibers and polymer resin, might come to replace steel completely in the body of new cars. Its ability to maintain energy and to be used as a lighter material than steel helps. The fact that it is both strong and pliant sets it off from the competition, and Ft. Myers Volvo XC60 dealers can’t wait to see this new miracle material in action. It wouldn’t simply be a material that could be used on electric plug-in vehicles; it would also be a great replacement for hybrids. In conjunction with the Imperial College in London and the European Union, the ultimate goal of the project undertaken by Volvo is to develop a spare tire well that functions independently as a battery. It would be the first big step in the experimentation, allowing a hybrid Volvo to restart its engine at a stoplight. That isn’t everything, but it certainly is a huge step in the right direction. Ft. Myers used S80 drivers everywhere can’t wait to give one of these innovative new cars a test drive.

On top of all of these energy storage benefits, Ft. Myers Volvo XC60 drivers that drove cars employing the new technology would see around a 15 percent decrease in vehicle weight. That simple weight decrease would contribute to better engine efficiency, even regardless of the fact that the material helps store more energy. Volvo is already on the roads with test vehicles, experimenting with a small fleet of battery-power cars to gather as much research and data as it possibly can. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see many of these test vehicles in the US market. Still, we know that Volvo is eventually going to deliver, and with this kind of testing going on, we expect to have it delivered within the next decade. At the very least, we can expect the industry (and Ft. Myers used S80 dealers) to undergo a heavy change over the next few years.

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