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Electric cars become "official told"

While electric cars heat to maintain a sub-cool, Brilliance Auto Show in EVS25 still several electric vehicles, Qi Yumin that there is no reason not to develop hybrid models, Brilliance has developed a mixed development of strong research and development of hybrid plans. On October 26, Brilliance delivered to the Dalian Chinese Junjie FSV 400 new energy vehicles as a taxi, this is by far, the biggest domestic market, hybrid car sales orders.

Seems expensive tickets could not withstand the enthusiasm of the audience, by noon, the Pavilion voices, hasty steps, large and small booth earnest conversation, all eager and curious eyes of the smoke, inside and outside the exhibition hall full of from the electric car market is like gold in the crowd.

Recently, China announced that the next 10 years will invest over 100 billion yuan of funds for support of new energy vehicles, especially the production of electric vehicles, which for many manufacturers and related industries smell business opportunities.

November 2, Deloitte & Touche survey released report, as of now, there were already past 440 billion economic stimulus funds and other incentive schemes to invest in new energy vehicle development. Among them, the Nissan electric vehicle research and development in the total investment reached 40 billion, General Motors R & D investment in electric vehicles is also up to 10 billion USD, while the Chinese auto manufacturers to invest billions of dollars in the development of BYD lithium iron battery, Sony vgp-bps2 Battery SAIC, Dongfeng Motor and other central enterprises have also invested billions in the electric car as the representative of the new energy vehicles. Deloitte survey also showed that more countries will have invested in heavily in new energy vehicles, for example, French investment in the next 4 years, 400 million euros for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicle research and development, the United States and Germany, will invest billions of dollars more funds for development.

In Shandong, the nation’s largest auto market, manufacturers of electric cars and more than 1,000 more than the battery, known as the “village of the state of the ignition.”

Larger bubble

In EVS25 museum visit, really a bit like Qi Yumin said, in addition to several well-known companies, the more of a little-known small manufacturers, many of them are from Shandong, Jiangsu and some do electric bikes manufacturers. Let reporters once suspected, the electric car is a very simple matter, anyone can do. Di Dong Chang unheard of sail is marked with a “global micro-electric vehicle advocates” slogan.

“We have started sales of electric cars, priced at 3 million yuan, Mileage 120 km, is a direct plug in charge on the line.” Shandong introduce an unknown company forever, but one saw the cottage cars look ugly to look at a no interest.

In the capital markets, as long as electric vehicles, the car battery a little dip in the light of listed companies, share prices have soared, for example, was forced to resign, chairman of the Foshan Lighting (000541.sz) recent share price not only did not fall, but soaring due to lithium is released into the field of the message.

Investment adviser’s report, in 2009, the number of domestic companies added about 1,500 lithium batteries, but the market is only 100 more than the actual active. This means more capital is used to the concept of speculation, rather than the actual nature of the investment. Securities analysts have warned that electric cars and related concepts in the capital market and in the formation of a new bubble.

Electric cars may not be low-carbon

“I think ten years, electric cars did not show, of course, this does not represent the views of manufacturers.” Internal stakeholders, a well-known car companies, said the reporter, when the company released a heavyweight stand is the electric vehicles.

From left to join Vice President Foton to Beijing Auto shares also own brand director, said the marine, electric cars seem to become a bigger bubble blowing, that electric car motionless “corner beyond”, reflects the Auto sector profit-oriented, virtual fire strong symptoms. The first is a car electric car, but a change in power system. Body, chassis and electrical system is still the same, and requires continuous learning and hard work.

Electric vehicles as a new energy vehicles is one of the main reasons for its zero emissions, the new president of Volkswagen China Nikai Ming gives a data intriguing.

He said the international community to determine whether the low carbon clean and CO2 emissions related to the energy structure of the EU and China reached an estimated data is: according to the EU’s energy mix in 2007, a pure electric vehicle conversion is a comprehensive 88 C02 emissions g / km; by China’s energy structure in 2009, a pure electric car conversion down the integrated C02 emissions of 140 g / km. The latter is almost comparable with conventional cars. The reason is simple, the European Union for more nuclear power, while China is still dominated by thermal power plants. In another words, if the Chinese to thermal power-based energy structure does not change in the entire energy chain, low-carbon electric car unspeakable.

Urgent Breakthroughs in battery technology

In the core component of the electric vehicles, Zhang Xiaoyu, has revealed that the core of China’s current power battery positive and battery separator parts, more than 80% are imported. But the electric car the General Assembly increased the confidence of all of the electric car.

Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, the chief scientist, professor at Tsinghua University, the CPPCC Standing Committee, Automotive Safety and Energy Director of State Key Laboratory of high-Ming Ouyang said, the end of 2009, China’s output of nickel-metal hydride battery has reached 140 million kWh, a 9 megawatt hour lithium battery (MKWH). In 2010, these two figures will be more than 360 million watt hours and 4 gigawatt hours (GKWH). In 2009, more than 5,000 hybrid vehicles into the market in 2010, this figure had risen to more than 10,000 vehicles. Ouyang Ming Gao also introduced China’s current standards for a total of 45 electric vehicles, a total of 100 kinds of electric car models to meet these standards, many models waiting to officially put into operation next year.

Lack of industry standards play “Qunjia”

Electric vehicle conference in Shenzhen, as a global automotive parts supplier Bosch and Delphi boss both exhibitors.

Auto parts giants have already conform with the trend big business to invest in new energy vehicles. Far as the Bosch Group, this year some 400 million euros invested in the core projects of new energy vehicles, accounting for 10% of annual R & D costs. And Delphi in the world although there are more than 30 production bases, but in China there are 15.

China’s future electric car market how to go from here? Bosch Group believes that the annual global vehicle sales in 2018 will reach 100 million, including hybrid, electric car sales would be 6 million, its market share leap from almost zero to 6%. The implementation of electric vehicles on China’s development trend, the current problems facing the industry there are many, “You could say, as opposed to hybrid, electric car industry chain is not mature.” Bosch said Yu-Dong Chen, executive vice president of China. In this regard, electrical and electronic structure of Delphi Systems Group, Asia Pacific chief engineer Li Ming also expressed their own electric cars on some of the concerns and views of the market: At present the industry, the strength of the business is very small. “Give a simple example, Dell inspiron 1501 battery electric vehicles is a very easy to heat the components, how to control the temperature of it in motion and life, is a topic of electric vehicle development. As a component provider, we offer it is these variety of solutions. But in this industry, the strength of the parts is not much business. “

“China’s development of electric vehicles to achieve the ‘corner overtaking’ almost impossible.” Li Ming believes that the future of electric vehicles to promote the reasons for the slow, not only because China’s auto industry, the “basis” for technical reasons, as well as consumer-level factors.

For the Chinese electric vehicle industry, from Bosch and Delphi experts agreed that: the electric car industry is also divided into a number of internal factions, the development of different standards that could eventually lead to high development costs, product costs are too high to fall to the terminal market, even more government subsidies to the electric car is difficult to popularize high prices.

“Only through industry collaboration in order to break the bottleneck cost.” Ming Lee that the most simple example: if the future of battery electric vehicles to achieve “universal”, the cost would also be effective optimization, “such as electric cars, battery replaceable Now the technology has basically been achieved, but the current standards and specifications for the various different manufacturers, making almost impossible to promote. “

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