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The Benefits And Downsides Of Electric Gates

The electric gate has grown ever more popular during the last several years. Everybody wants one installed. Not just for the security it provides you and your family, but also its convenience and the status it shows.

Surprisingly, even though the advantages outnumber the disadvantages, the electric gate does have disadvantages. For instance, the cost of obtaining and setting up a computerized gate is a downside, given that it can be so high. The installation itself requires huge financial expenses. Not only do you need to pay for the gate itself, you have to pay for the installation and everything that comes with it, including the installation technician. Some gates, like ones produced from wood, absorb wetness and become faded and ugly over time, making them extremely difficult to maintain. They require constant services and checks that all need to be paid for. Metal gates also need constant repainting and maintenance to prevent it rusting.

Another of the drawbacks of the electric gate is that they can become a nuisance. Sometimes, electrical gates won’t work during energy failures. This will be a hassle as you will have to personally set the gate and open and close it yourself. Some gate motors, just like ours, may also be affected by water. And as you know, in South Africa, it rains 4 or even more months of the year. We are stuck with a dysfunctional automatic gate occasionally for up to 2 months at any given time, since the technicians can’t come out to fix the gate. When they finally do repair it, it breaks after a mere week or two. This causes a real inconvenience, as the gate then needs to be locked during the night and unlocked each morning. And sometimes, you may also find yourself locked in- or outside!

Luckily, just as much as the electric gate has disadvantages, it has advantages. And the most significant one is safety. Electrical gates offer a household both solitude and security. Anyone that will go through the gate will do so with the permission of the person living there. Unfamiliar or unwanted people will be declined and will have no access to your premises whatsoever. The gate is generally opened by a code from inside the property or a handheld remote control from the outside.

Another great benefit of the electrical gate is undoubtedly its comfort. The convenience of opening a gate without having to exit your vehicle is what hooks people and gets them to buy it. Specifically if you have been caught in the rain opening a gate! Some people think that having an automatic gate also adds to your status, thus the reason for the sophisticated styles and designs. The better looking the gate, the higher the status? Maybe. Even so, they are selling like hotcakes!

The electric gate, I believe, is extremely advantageous and increase the value of any kind of property it is added to. It is, undeniably something to invest in if you want to be safe and elegant!

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