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Will Electric Cars Lower Global Warming Emissions ?

Increasing use of Electric cars would dramatically reduce emissions that cause global warming and air pollution. Therefore, increasing the use of Electric vehicles is important for all of us.

The current fleet of gasoline-powered cars and trucks leaves us dependent on oil, contributes to air pollution problems that threaten our health and produces large amounts of global warming pollution.

Some Electric Cars run on electricity alone, while others are paired with Gasoline engines to create Hybrid Cars. Hybrid Cars can get over 100 miles per gallon, while Electric Cars consume no gasoline at all. Electric Cars produce no direct tailpipe pollution when operating on electricity and there is enough Power infrastructure to fuel them. As renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, meet a larger share of our electricity needs, Electric cars will contribute to little or no air pollution.

The current electric system in the US has the capacity to fuel up to 73 % of Vehicles without building another power plant by charging vehicles at night or using solar panels by day. However, the US will need to clean up its electric grid to reap the full environmental potential benefits of Electric Cars.

Electric vehicles offer a way to utilize the natural resources and minimize Fossil fuel consumption. Electric Vehicles reduce mobile point source emissions and are one step toward energy independence. The technology needed to build workable Electric Cars exists today, and they have several advantages over Fossil fuel Cars including the fact that they require less regular maintenance and no oil changes.

The Government of all nations in the world should harness the power of Electric Vehicles by setting clean Vehicle standards, offering financial incentives for buyers of Electric vehicles, creating a low-carbon fuel standard that allows Electric Vehicles to contribute to lowering global warming emissions & promoting renewable energy.

However, Skeptics say switching to Electric vehicles will not have a significant impact on Carbon emissions. As most electricity in the world is still generated by burning gas and coal, the difference between an Electric car and a small, low-emission petrol or diesel car is negligible. Success, they say depended on the availability of Green electricity.

A range of new low-carbon energy sources was needed to ensure a greener power supply to Electric cars. These included new nuclear power stations, wind farms and tidal barrages. A smart grid was also needed that could allow millions of vehicles to be recharged using low-carbon electricity without overwhelming local distribution circuits.

However, Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Electric vehicles are green, quiet, and eliminate trips to the fuel station. Best of all, they are fun to drive.

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