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Wheelchair vehicles are essential pieces of equipment for less able people. With the growth in technology, there are more and more new models coming out all the time, all with better technological advances than its predecessor. They often offer hydraulic and electric kneel down systems which work together to make the vehicle easier to use for the user.
Other vehicles often have automatic rear ramps or lifts that also are there to provide ease to the user.

There are four very popular types of wheelchair vehicles that are sold at TGA electrics, a highly experienced and long standing company that specialises in wheelchair vehicles and helping less able bodies to be more mobile.

Buddy, Active Walker, Power Pack, and Breeze are these four names. Buddy is extremely practical and innovative with its aluminium frame making it the lightest wheelchair vehicle on the market. It can break up in to easy to lift and very light pieces so can fit straight in to your boot with no fuss. A great scooter with increased easability and improved technology.

The second wheelchair vehicle in the product range is The Active Walker which is a walking aid and won an award in 2007 for its design excellence. It is very simple to use and has a lever that allows the handle and seat height to be adjusted to suit each individual user. It has chunky, large wheels which makes it even easier for the user to travel over uneven terrain. It has large grip handles which again makes it safer for the user as they are easy to grip and it also has lockable brakes that are very effective and well designed with hidden cables.

Powerpack is the third product type and is an easy to control wheelchair vehicle, very popular among its users.

Finally, the Breeze is the most top of the range wheelchair vehicle, with no expenses spared. It is extremely stylish and has a top of the range all round suspension and a superbly comfortable seat.

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