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What is an Electric Bicycle?

A electric bike is among the many models of electric vehicles ranging from electric scooters to electric wheelchairs to commute cars. The light electric bike assists the cyclist by a battery-powered motor attached to the pedals. Some models must be pedaled to activate the motor while others simply operate at the push of a button. They can easily be used to run errands requiring small cargo capabilities or adapted for larger capacities. A light electric bike can range from 10-40 miles depending on the terrain, weight of the cyclist and climate. For longer commutes, the light electric bike can be mounted on the front of most buses.

Many people are turning to the electric bike as a solution to growing financial problems due to the loss of a job or reduction in pay. Others simply enjoy the freedom from stressful traffic jams, pollution and exercise that an automobile cannot provide. Still others are looking for a viable alternative to the loss of driving privileges. The addition of the motor allows the commuter to arrive at work without needing a shower and clean clothes. The light electric bicycle can be powered on a single battery charge and the energy conserved until going uphill or when the cyclist gets hot and tired. Most errands require short distances to complete and the light electric bike would be perfect. There is no need to look for a parking space, simply lock the bike and go. Cargo space can be increased with the addition of simple accessories.

There are those who simply enjoy the freedom to get on a bicycle and take pleasure in exploring the country and viewing the different sceneries available within a short ride. The addition of the motor means the pleasure cyclist can go further and stay longer without worrying about getting home before dark. Even if the enjoyment is extended, the cyclist has the option to put headlights on the bicycle and helmet. Some light electric bikes are so complete they have turn signals installed.

The electric bike can come completely assembled and built with a motor and battery installed for $400 to $3,500 or a kit can be purchased to modify a standard bike ranging in price from $400 to $800. Either alternative presents its own value for the money and can be used in addition to a family car or instead of one.

What is a light electric bike? It can mean many things to many different people from freedom to a useful alternative to polluting the air with a gasoline-powered automobile. The value is in the eye of the beholder, the potential owner and the possessor. Why not look into one further?

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