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US Forestry Service Gets All Electric Trucks for Savanna River Site

The US Forestry Service has been doing its part for awhile now to preserve what we have left of the environment. They hold countless programs to increase environmental awareness and make people see how important it is to keep Mother Nature intact. As a way to further their eco friendly concerns, the US Forestry has enlisted the use of fully electric trucks for work done on the Savanna River site in South Carolina. Here is a look at the vehicles they ordered and whether they could do anything for you.
The all electric utility trucks that the Forestry Service ordered come from GGT Electric, a well known name in electric car manufacturing. This company offers several forms of electric trucks, but the most popular one for business is the Edyne line. This has work vans and trucks that are perfect for just about any business out there, and the vehicles there have been used in many national parks throughout the country. Edyne is synonymous with electric truck, and that is why the US Forestry Service trusted buying those vehicles over any others they could have chosen from.
The Edyne trucks the Forestry Service uses are 4 wheel vehicles, made with two doors and two seats up front. These are fully electric trucks that have been tested to produce zero emissions in to the air. The motor in the trucks is a 72 volt, 6 kilowatt unit that can go up to 25 miles an hour if fully charged. The battery itself has a lifespan of eight to ten hours, depending on how hard someone drives it. Overall, the trucks are plenty capable of handling the tasks that most modern businesses need done.
The Edyne line may not be ideal for most users, but it worked just perfectly for the US Forestry Service. These simple, top of the line pieces of technology could be the answer to the environmental problems we have in the world. As long as more businesses like the Forestry Service start adopting electric vehicles for their use, there should be a lower amount of emissions in the air. Electric trucks are becoming faster and more efficient than ever before nowadays. It’s only a matter of time before they start taking over the roads. Fortunately companies like GGT will continue to make these innovative energy savers well into the future.

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