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Tinley Park Chevrolet gives off electric vibes

The electric car has finally been delivered to the public, and the results are overwhelmingly positive thus far. There is a lot on the table right now as EVs are introduced to the market. For instance, will EVs be more environmentally sustainable than hybrids? Will they be more economically viable for drivers? These are questions that still haven’t received answers, but I expect researchers will be able to find the answers in the coming years. In the meantime, Tinley Park Chevrolet dealers are seeing huge interest in their new swath of Volts, the electric vehicle poised to change the way drivers look at the auto industry forever. And the benefits of driving a Volt will be heavily tied to the rising price of gas; with all of the turmoil in the middle east, America is doing its best to relieve itself of our reliance on oil and switch to more sustainable forms of energy — a move that may topple some oil magnates but will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the local economy. Lansing, IL used car drivers may enjoy their vehicles right now, but the future holds better things for the driving industry, many of which we’ll see here in the next several months.

You think gas prices are high right now? Think again, my friend. According to former Shell CEO John Hoffmeister, the worst is yet to come. He says that the rate gas is rising, coupled with plenty of other global and economic factors, could drive prices up to $5 a gallon as early as 2012. Tinley Park Chevrolet drivers might want to pay special attention to how the launch of the electric vehicle fairs over the coming year. According to a recent article at GM-Volt.com, “The business case for the Chevrolet Volt hinges critically on the price of gas. Certainly there are a group of us out there who will run out and pay top dollar to drive the latest and greatest technology, and there are also those among us who will pay a premium for the ability to drive will little to no gasoline. However, for the Volt to be embraced by a large swath of the population, it has to make economic sense.” The truth is that the Volt undoubtedly will find success in a precarious oil & gas market, where electric energy is more viable, more sustainable and more cost-effective than other energy options. We still have plenty of space to cover in terms of electric driving, but that space is likely to be covered in the next few years as technology progresses at record rates. Lansing, IL used car drivers might need to make the switch sooner than they thought.

Tinley Park Chevrolet drivers are already well equipped to deal with the coming dynamic change in the industry — and hopefully your Lansing, IL used car dealer won’t fair too poorly in the process, either. Only time will tell, and the market will most definitely see some changes for the better this year.

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