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There are now more pressing reasons and methods to increase the efficient use of your vehicle. You and your family’s lifestyle depends on it.

Facing you today are rising energy costs, and the directly related cost of every thing consumed. Clothing, food, utilities, housing and transportation for starters. Fossil fuel is no longer in production. Hasn’t been for years However, in the years
to come, we will not only continue to use it, demand will actually increase. In your lifetime, fuel cost will escalate to become the largest item in the monthly budget.

There is a hybrid or electric vehicle in your future, but at present you own an obsolete 20th century gas guzzler. As you will read shortly, there are numerous and painless ways to decrease fuel use of your vehicle.

That decrease in fuel use will reduce emission of the green house gas, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, or CO2. Every little decrease pushes Global Warming a bit more into the future. This gives the world precious more time to switch to Green Energy sources.

. Scientists are educating us that a new paradigm of energy is urgently required. Global Warming can be halted, must be halted. Without beginning action even this decade, we risk making Global warming more certain.

They predict Carbon Dioxide emissions must be reduced 70% by 2050. That’s in the lifetime of most people living today. If not, expect rising ocean levels to submerge coastal cities such as Miami, New Orleans, San Diego and New York. Over 50% of farmland will be parched to a dustbowl. Severe weather moods and
wilder storms. Hunger to famine and plague.

According to a book by Scientist/Author Tim Flanery,’ The Climate Makers”,Global Warming is real, proveable, and our final enemy. It is worth your while to read this book. If we fail to unite and lose this momentous battle, it means nothing less than the end of civilization.

We must endorse the Kyoto protocol, and so must Australia. Their government,along with the Bush administration, claims this is economically too costly. Just the opposite is true! We simply cannot afford the effects of Global Warming: impossible insurance rates due to property destruction, extinction of species,(like for instance mankind) unbearable food and energy costs, and bankrupt lifestyles.

Windmills, solar cells, hybrid or electric vehicles are years coming. But you can take the first, important step now. Improve the operation of your family vehicle.Re-read the manual for recommended tire pressure, and driving techniques. If you don’t have a miles per gallon meter, get one. See kohlermpg.com for one that attaches easily and costs less that $10.00.

Get a family motor scooter for those errands to the library or grocery store. Dust off your bike and burn fat for fuel. Become informed on environmental issues and active in the Green Movement. We’re winning if everybody paints their roof Silver!

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