Electric Vehicles

The information on Electric Cars

The world of globalization has led to inventions of latest tools and technologies that are getting useful for mankind. Talking about global warming, the researches are absorbing equal amount of resources to pollute the air as it would have generally had. But in vain, it is going to help us some time in future with electric cars in to picture for near future. The electric cars are powered by an electric motor instead of the common gasoline engine, the electric motor gets it power from the controller regulating the amount of power that driver would use on the accelerator pedal. People have started learning the importance of going green just recently and that is the main reasons why the government of countries are spending a splendid amount of money on the researches to be made for green technology.

The major automotive companies of today are putting their best efforts to come out with the best electric cars or other green vehicles that will burn less fuel and concentrate on making the world a greener place. The upcoming futuristic electric cars are the BMW megacity that is planned to be launched in 2012, the BYD E6, Coda – Electric Sedan, Ford Focus EV, Ford Transit connect electric, Mercedes BlueZero, Mini E, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Nissan Leaf, Pininfarian Blue Car, Renault Fluence, Smart ED, Subaru R1E, Toyota FT-EV, Tesla Model S and the companies Peugeot and Volkswagen have discussed plans to come out with electric vehicles sooner.

The modern electric cars of today are said to decrease the level and amount of air pollution that are usually generated by fuel cars, these cars produce almost zero tail pipe emissions. According to the research and development, the electric cars are said to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by over 30%. Varied developed countries of the world are spending good money to develop and research new tools and inventions that can reduce the amount of emissions. As soon as the electric cars are out, they are said to have a bigger and major impact in the whole auto industry. The electric cars are said to be advantageous from the view point of global warming, it produces less pollution, saves money due to rise in gasoline prices, it will lead to less dependence on oil and many other reasons. The Electric cars are especially designed to give you high power weight ratios and their batteries are made in such a manner to supply large currents to the electric motor.

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