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The development of new energy vehicles to aim the electric cars and other progressive-Benz

Public call TSI, Audi said FSI, Mercedes-Benz turbo direct injection engine to name the CGI, although the name of the incompatible, but are undoubtedly present in the internal combustion engine technology and then upgrade. Recently, the Mercedes-Benz announced the launch of turbocharged direct-injection engine in addition to CGI, the hybrid, electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles has become a Mercedes-Benz one of the future direction of development of new technologies.

The launch, the reporter interviewed Mercedes – Benz passenger car diesel engine development and the development director Dr.Joachim SCHOMMERS.

Reporter: Mercedes-Benz in the mid 90s of last century, when entering the U.S. market, introduced a concept called Bluetech, Mercedes-Benz has now launched the BlueEFFICIENCY (blue performance), called BMW EfficientDynamics, the public called Blue Motion, to today, a decade later As the world’s most leading car manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz with several other competitors focus of the difference?

Dr.Joachim SCHOMMERS: We are now in the whole area of research and development, we have to have some of the earliest scientific and technological achievements, the fastest to hp pavilion zd7000 battery.

Our vision of blue performance plan is divided into three Drive: First, the traditional internal combustion engine optimization, and further to improve vehicle fuel economy and emission levels; second is to promote the hybrid type; third is to promote electric cars. Mercedes-Benz S 400 HYBRID launched very successful hybrid-type marks on the runway in hybrid will be farther and farther. In addition, we will introduce S 500 plug-in hybrids. Pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, we in the battery and fuel cell technology is already very mature, current work is to fuel cell vehicles into the market.

Reporter: Undeniably, the future of automotive technology development will present a diversification trend, but the long term, the electric car technology will eventually replace internal combustion engine technology, how do you view the current traditional car companies became involved in cell development? Lithium ore even competition? Is not a departure from the traditional car? This change will be the automotive industry in general?

Dr.Joachim SCHOMMERS: We are leading zero-emissions future this road will take years, this time, the auto industry will be a gradual process, not an upheaval.

First, the time when the realization of power, there is some demand to be met. The first electric cars by electricity, battery-powered electric vehicle has a charging process, we need to have enough output power to protect these vehicles to run, which is made to the power generation industry, much of the topic, it’s power way is not the traditional power generation methods, it should be a green energy power generation, rather than when pollution from power generation, charge no direct emissions of cars and pollution, but indirectly, less advanced power generation caused by pollution is unreasonable, so in this regard should be further improved. In addition, fuel cell powered electric cars need to have adequate infrastructure to provide hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles, stations, we believe that the use of the traditional internal combustion engine and research will continue, in a very long time will continue to develop.

As for R & D batteries, we see that the apple 15-inch powerbook g4 battery manufacturing process research and development embodied in the value of our R & D in the battery to create more value, but also many core value, now that car makers with the battery or the enterprise aspects of joint ventures, research and development, we hope the road leading to zero emissions of this industry and our products create more added value.

Reporter: In the electric vehicle research and development process, I have heard the saying: We need to re-invent the automobile. Throughout the development process in the Mercedes-Benz, there is no mention of the saying, this sentence should be to understand how?

Dr.Joachim SCHOMMERS: I think the re-development of car this is a somewhat extreme, we see the future is not a revolutionary Ershi a rapid evolution, because the car has continuity, a lot of technology there are a lot of continuity, including the traditional internal combustion engine engine, it will be time in the future further development of a rapid evolutionary process, rather than the first car that "revolutionary" process.

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