Electric Vehicles

The advantages of going electric

A recent research report published by Pike Research indicates that worldwide sales of electric motorbikes are expected to rise steadily over the next five years.

This anticipated increase in electric bike sales comes as no surprise as electric vehicles are fast becoming the transport of choice for many modern urbanites.

The advantages to going electric are numerous. Firstly, electric motorbikes are more environmentally friendly than traditional hogs. With the green movement gaining momentum in Europe and around the world, more people are looking for ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprints and live healthier, more eco-friendly lives. Utilising electricity for power means that these bikes produce no carbon emissions, making them one of the greener means of transport on the market.

While the initial monetary layout for electric motorbikes may be higher than for their petrol counterparts, their operating expenses with regard to fuel and maintenance often work out to be cheaper in the long term. In addition, electric bikes are exempt from UK road tax payments.

Electric bikes are also are lot less noisy than traditional hogs. While the roar of a powerful engine can be appealing to some riders, a quieter alternative is often preferred by riders who use their bike to commute in large urban centres.

In spite of their many advantages, electric bikes are still subject to the same road conditions as other road vehicles. Electric bike riders are therefore advised to secure an electric bike insurance policy before taking to the streets.

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