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lt BR gt People with electric cars in the popularity of electric vehicles on the quality and increasing after sales problems which aims to facilitate the purchase of electric vehicles because of maintenance replace the battery speeding and other issues led to trouble constantly especially those who buy low quality no name brand of the car and the quot peak to off season to go a quick kill on the slide quot and quot migratory quot brand so that the interests of consumers can not be guaranteed Last week the electric car version of a print has received many consumer advice phone on how to buy electric cars how many of the issues raised maintenance of electric vehicles for which version of the electric car after another to answer these questions Summarized current edition Tips ten car for your reference used car br lt BR gt Tips 1 learn more about electric cars before the purchase and more from the Internet newspapers and magazines or from a friend about electric cars knowledge often see hear and friends praised the brand the relative credibility credibility and Some degree of good quality will be strong br lt BR gt Tips 2 read the brand consumers should choose the operating time is long low repair rate good quality and good reputation there is strength in the nationwide brand Recommended Brand El Amine a new day Ealing Xingyue five star diamond leopard permanent the letter away Giant flew the king sent Honduras Luyuan the new mausoleum etc br lt BR gt Tips 3 choose a certain business size business merchants a longer time you can ensure that your service is guaranteed Recommended brands long Sheng Century City Chinese electric car day letter bicycle company so Chinese city such as the wholesale electric vehicles br lt BR gt Tips Four Heavy third of the quality service seven electric car service but the sale will not do good quality brand as you fret At present the electric cars as spare parts have yet versatile maintenance can not achieve the social so purchase of electric bicycles must pay attention to ask whether the brand has specialized in the areas of maintenance services the number of service points Recommended brands El Amine the letter away Honduras big day the king sent flew into the Iraqi Nike br lt BR gt Five Tips Select luxury full featured models but the price is high high failure rates common type is simple in structure economical low repair rate Simple models on the market the electric car repair rate is much less than luxury models recommended models type Load the king lady Hummer 10 000 Chinese and other models br lt BR gt Tips 6 search parts of the electric car the same style with different brands of accessories the price difference is so great that consumers will not be about style and price Ask for more in what parts Recommended Accessories Brand New Ocean You Naite motor Pat transferred to are new tires loose is the controller Chao Wei Tin can O crown of batteries br lt BR gt Tips 7 check the appearance of defects not only affect the appearance of beautiful but also lead to shortened life and increased after the sale costs Such as frame and fork are welding and surface defects all parts of the manufacturing is excellent double support is strong the plastic is defective replace the plastic parts are very troublesome br lt BR gt Tips 8 Try some cars in the assembly of new vehicles will there be desired the test is flexible when pay more attention to the brakes motor sound is normal lights meters are in working order etc br lt BR gt Tips 9 Q Date of electric vehicle batteries long term damage will soon be placed without charge the electric car battery factory date as possible br lt BR gt Tips 10 good care to buy electric car to lorry matching accessories invoices charger certificate manual three packs of cards collected and properly kept Some manufacturers build a user registration system follow the instructions for filing to facilitate after sale service br Keyword Search br Electric cars br br Permanent br br Giant br br Large br br In br br Small br

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